Top tips from our Healthy Man trainer Ed plus how to get started with The Healthy Man

Whether you’re just starting your fitness, health and weight loss journey or have fallen off the wagon and are looking to get back on, The Healthy Man trainer Ed Stephenson is sharing some of his top tips to help you.

Ed also shares some advice for any men who are concerned they’re going to struggle with The Healthy Man 28 Day Fitness Plan without any equipment.

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3 top tips for someone just starting out or if you’re just getting back into it

1. Set realistic goals

Most people can struggle with getting back into or just starting their new health journey and in doing so they often set big goals that they then fail at which just makes them less likely to keep going.

“[Starting or getting back into exercise and healthy eating] is a massive stumbling block for a lot of new members who come into the gym where I work. They don’t know where to start or they come in extremely specific and get locked into something inappropriate for them.

To help break these two cycles and set off on the right foot, individuals need to be realistic with both their goals and their current abilities. Setting realistic goals means we can actually potentially attain what we want, opposed to setting a goal so unattainable or unrealistic that, once we don’t reach it, spirals us down mentally and physically & we end up off track.”

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2. Seek professional advice

There is a lot of information available on what you should do when trying to lose weight or get fit but not every piece of advice would be suitable for you. If you can getting even just an initial consultation with someone who’s got professional qualifications in fitness or nutrition will help you set the right goals, build the right program or just know what you really need.

“When starting out, it’s a good idea to seek guidance from a professional in the field. This assists in giving you a solid framework for progress down the track, but will also outline a decent, if not the best way to get to your goals.

Most commonly for someone fresh in the fitness field, this involves hitting the basics & fundamentals correctly and with a solid plan. Don’t get yourself bamboozled with too much technical lingo or fancy movements that look great on camera, DO WHAT WORKS! Day in and day out, and you’ll move forward.”

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3. Consistency

Being consistent with anything will help with success, so it makes sense that consistency is a key part of success with your health, fitness and weight loss goals.

“Consistency over time greatly increases your success in training & results. Setting yourself up with a proper schedule, routine or plan, and sticking to it consistently, makes it easy to follow and can give you a breakdown of where you should be at. It allows us to see forward without becoming overwhelmed with the end product and how far we have to go until we get there.”

4. Don’t go too fast too soon

You’ve decided to get fit and healthy and are super excited to get started and then see those kilos drop, but wait a minute that excitement shouldn’t be turned into you overdoing it and then not only injuring yourself but also hindering you from reaching your goals.

“Getting back into exercise or starting out on your exercise can be a really daunting prospect. When we have that nervous energy getting into exercise, it’s pretty common to push too hard initially and hit a wall, or we gas ourselves in the first 10min of a session because we are going 1,000% without breathing.

Both instances require us to slow down, think about what we’re doing, think about our abilities and start at our own pace. This will ensure longevity and an injury-free time, while also giving us more incentive to continue on the journey as we feel we won’t go into cardiac arrest each session.”

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How long should someone be aiming to intentionally exercise per day?

So you’ve set your realistic goals, sought professional advice to help, are prepared to be consistent and aren’t going to jump headfirst but you’re still not sure how much exercise you should schedule to help reach your goals. Well, Ed says you can start with short workouts and then work up to longer ones, but make sure whatever time you assign per week is realistic and you can consistently keep it up.

“I like to say a minimum of 30min a day is a good starting point for intentional exercise, this can be as simple as walking the dog along the beach or going for a walk around the block after dinner. Once we get started, it’s very easy to keep moving, turning that shorter walk into something longer and grander. When we increase our conditioning, we may want to consider aiming higher with our exercise goals, bringing it up to 45mins+.

That being said, in line with what I’ve previously mentioned, we must set consistent goals and attainable targets. If I’m only ever able to hit 5 x 30min sessions a week, I must make the most of those sessions and fulfil my training criteria, opposed to faffing around for 2 of the 5 and becoming heavily behind on where you want to be.”

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What’s Ed’s advice about starting The Healthy Man 28 Day Fitness Plan at home?

If you don’t have any exercise equipment you may be worried about how you’ll go with The Healthy Man 28 Day Fitness Plan but Ed says you don’t have to worry.

“No worries, we have set up The Healthy Man 28 Day Fitness Plan as a bodyweight routine. All the exercises (except 1) are bodyweight and just include you moving!! We do require you to have a bench or a box to lean on or put your heels up on but that’s it.

As your fitness goals and abilities increase, we hope that you will be encouraged to purchase a few simple pieces of equipment to keep progression, however, we will always try and facilitate ‘minimal equipment’ programs or exercises where possible.”

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written by:

Ed Stephenson

Ed is The Healthy Man's Trainer and Ambassador, he has 7 years of experience in the fitness industry. His qualifications include a Certificate III, Certificate IV in Fitness, with a Certificate in Nutrition. He's here to help men get fit, lose weight and gain strength through exercise, nutrition and making the right decisions.