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What are the top exercises to build bulk

Gaining muscle mass involves great consistency and hard work, but this doesn’t mean you need to get stressed. There are some key exercises that will help you to build bulk in the muscles you want.

We’re sharing with you some of the best strategies for integrating these exercises into a bulking routine. You can mix these together with your standard routine as well as building up a bulk up workout with just these exercises.

Let’s go through it!

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6 exercises that will help you build bulk

1. Barbell bench press

The bench press is the best lift for building a powerful chest. It’s also great for bulking up your triceps and the front of your shoulders, making it a great overall lift for improving your aesthetics.

It’s also the most well-known exercise for building and developing your chest targetting your upper chest. When you start benching you’ll notice an overall increase to your strength with time and you’ll see fantastic changes.

2. Military press

The military press is another a great exercise for building mass but it demands great effort to perform. A military press will develop almost every major muscle group including shoulders, triceps, back, upper chest, core, lats and glutes.

3. Weighted dips

If performed with the right angle and posture, a weighted dip is a great exercise for upper chest and triceps gains. It’s super beneficial for maximizing muscle mass to your upper body. This exercise can also add great strength to your upper body.

4. Deadlift

Deadlifts are great for bulking up our hamstrings, hips, forearms and entire upper back. Adding as much weight to the bar as you can handle and perform with proper posture with seven to eight reps would definitely develop your lower back.

The thing to note is that you’ll build more muscle if your lifts have both a concentric and eccentric portion to them. That means that if your goal is to build muscle, you should lower the weight amount down.

5. Weighted chin-up

A weighted chin-up will truly do justice to the back muscles, engaging your shoulders and giving it a nice rounded mass as well as a V back shape. This stimulates more muscle growth in more overall muscle mass.

6. Barbell squat

The squat is the king of strength, muscle mass and bulking. If done correctly, it will add size and train everything from your quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

These exercises all would be great for improving overall health, strength and putting on muscle mass. It all comes down to healthy nutrition as well as a good workout plan. In short, your diet should be in check, eating above your maintenance calories is a must.

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