Meet our Healthy Man Trainer Ed Stephenson!

We are so excited to introduce you to our new Healthy Man Ambassador who is going to help men across Australia reach their weight loss goals as The Healthy Man Trainer, Ed Stephenson!

Ed is here to help inspire, educate and encourage you to get moving and make those weight loss goals a reality as part of The Healthy Man 28 Day Exercise plan built to complement The Healthy Man Meal Replacement along with a healthy diet.

Find out more about Ed with this interview below.

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Get to know our Healthy Man trainer and ambassador Ed

What are your qualifications?

Within the fitness industry, I have a Certificate III, Certificate IV in Fitness, with a Certificate in Nutrition as well. Aside from working and being involved in the fitness industry for a solid 7 years, my experience comes heavily from my personal experiences and interactions with my clients.

Whether orientated toward a strength, weight loss or psychological goal, I’ve found each of my clients is unique enough to force me to do further research to go the extra yard for them, expanding my knowledge and interests.

Why did you step into the Fitness Industry?

Initially, I got into the industry because it was what my mates were doing. In high school, I started going to the gym because my group of friends went regularly. Based on my physical working background and my natural appreciation for sports and physical activity, I took to the gym rather quickly.

I realised when I was training that I was naturally good at both exercising myself and teaching others about appropriate form and technique, while also realising that I really enjoyed it. This led the way to me acquiring a basic floor staff role in the local gym close to my house.

To narrow down why I got into the industry and why I enjoy working within it, it is simple. I like to share my knowledge, I like to help people on their own personal journey, and I love to see my clients faces and reactions when they can see the visual changes to their body or notice their performance increase over time.

It’s an extremely satisfying feeling & keeps me motivated to push myself harder, but also keep myself evolving personally and professionally.

What are you most excited about being part of The Healthy Man/ a Healthy Man Ambassador?

This whole healthy man project is very exciting. I’d been following the success of The Healthy Mummy closely through my clients and my wife, so after hearing they were starting The Healthy Man I was naturally very keen to hear more about it. I’ve trained a member of The Healthy Mummy staff and so I heard that it was a good, inviting working environment, which I’ve experienced on my own so far and I’m hoping to add to that vibe.

I’m excited about bringing some fitness expertise to the healthy man family and giving members a fresh healthy start with their fitness journey. Being a young dad myself, I’m excited to impart some of my stories about how to stay motivated and how to work in exercise around hectic and intense schedules.

I’m also excited to face some other personal challenges which being a Healthy Man Ambassador will open up, including facing mental health issues, but also internal struggles relating to exercise and family.

We saw you enjoying some of The Healthy Man Meal Replacement in your photoshoot, what do you like best about The Healthy Man Meal Replacement?

Yeh, I’m a big fan of smoothies and protein shakes like The Healthy Man Meal Replacement when I’m not able to sit down for a fixed lunch or start to feel peckish.

I feel The Healthy Man Meal Replacement has a nice strong flavour without the need to heap copious amounts of powder into the shaker or blender in order to taste it. I enjoy how The Healthy Man Meal Replacement is quick to mix while not foaming up, they also don’t leave sediment in the bottle or through my teeth.

From The Healthy Man Meal Replacement, I enjoy vanilla. It’s clean and easy on its own, but if I want to have a full-on meal replacement shake with some additional ingredients and nutrients, it doesn’t overbear the other flavours.


What is your favourite exercise?

Deadlifts. No brainer here, a massive movement that feels great and gets the whole body working really quickly.

What is something you are personally working on that is fitness related?

Currently, I’m working on getting my consistency back up to where it’s been previously in order to hit some strength goals I have. A broken finger last month meant I couldn’t weight bear too heavily, which sent me into a bit of funk and negatively impacted my training routine. I’m on the way out of that now and I’m back on course!

What is your favourite (motivational/inspirational) quote?

“It never gets easier, you just get stronger”

What is your favourite post-workout snack?

Usually, try and have a protein bar just to satisfy that initial hunger post-workout. I try and space my regular meal times around when ill be training so I always have some food onboard and I’m good to go.

What is a FUN FACT about you we might not know?

There aren’t many fun or interesting facts about me! Except that I was unfortunately born on 1st April. The same jokes each year around started to get a bit stale after my 5th birthday haha.

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