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Healthy Man Fitness Trainer Ed on How to Blast away Belly Fat!

By Ed Stephenson, Healthy Man Trainer

Belly fat is one of those things which most men hate to have. It makes you feel sluggish, makes you look and feel older than you actually are, and overall, it is a constant, real reminder that you’re not where you should be with your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

This is all too common within the fitness industry for individuals starting up their journey, but how do you fix it?? Subcutaneous fat and visceral fat are what we’re talking about and this article will help you blast them away with a range of solutions that aid the process.

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

Tips to lose belly fat for men

First: you must remain in a calorie deficit.

Taking pre-existing factors and a few certain hormone issues out of the equation, If you are to intake and burn fewer calories than your body needs to operate and function (your metabolic rate) then you will lose weight, FACT! Yes, technically this means that if you ate mars bars for breakfast, lunch and dinner and were still in a calorie deficit, you would lose weight. This is correct, however, you would feel terrible and have zero energy in the long run. You’d lose muscle and fat, and your immune system would be shot. It doesn’t count for much if you’ve lost weight (and belly fat!) but can hardly operate on a day to day level.

This is why when trying to remain in a calorie deficit, we need to be aware of our macronutrients; fats, carbs and proteins. We need to understand how they make up what we eat in order to maintain our health and energy levels while still cutting down that belly fat and maximising muscle growth. The macronutrients in our food choices make up a majority of our caloric intake.

  • a gram of protein = 4 calories
  • a gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories
  • a gram of fat = 9 calories.

It is a good starting point to be mindful of what we eat and to start paying attention to nutrition labels on our foods. However, we also need to be aware that if you cut your caloric intake too heavily and do not choose a lower calory diet consisting of quality, macronutrient enriched foods, you may suffer negatively.

Secondly: in addition to cleaning up our diet, we really want to rip into some quality exercise.

Aim for at least 30mins a day of moderate exercise. This can be a brisk walk, a cycle, a resistance program at the gym,  it can be anything as long as you’re moving.

For the purpose of losing belly fat, body and stomach fat, cardio/high-intensity training, and compound resistance training are great options. Cardio/high-intensity training utilises exercises with a high level of energy exertion and minimal rest, while our big compound resistance movements such as squats, deadlifts & bench press, utilise high intensity in terms of weight and load, but with larger rest periods.

When we exercise to lose stomach fat, our goal is to torch the entire body, activating as many muscles as possible in order to burn the largest amount of calories. If we sit on the ground and do 1,000 sit-ups, yes we will build up strength in our abs, but we will burn fewer calories (than doing cardio or compound exercises) because it’s an isolated exercise. So although we are activating our stomach muscles, won’t have done too much to reduce our stomach fat.

On the other hand, if we do a few sets of heavy deadlifts, we have activated our core, back, legs, arms, abs, and burned a massive number of calories in comparison to the sit-ups, while also becoming progressively stronger. These are the kinds of exercises we need to focus on to reduce belly fat.

Our focus is to lose belly fat, and hence our subsequent goal is to be in a calorie deficit. To be in a calorie deficit, we can make a goal to take in fewer calories, and a corresponding goal to increase calories burned. Constant exercise, in all forms, aids to burn more calories and will help with the end goal. In broad and simple terms, if you intake 2000 calories, and your body burns 2000 calories through your metabolic rate, but you all of a sudden burn 500 calories through exercise, your deficit becomes 500 and you, in turn, will lose weight! Compounded with healthy eating principles, your weight and your waistline will look significantly healthier.

This healthy habit we’ve just created through smart and clean eating, paired with exercising regularly, sets up a fantastic framework for future success in health, fitness and lifestyle. A habit which you will be personally proud of, and one you’ll no doubt happily show off next time you are walking along the beach with your kids and family.

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