See these 4 blokes fantastic weight loss results using the Healthy Man Meal Replacement

All these blokes were determined to shift some weight and have been using The Healthy Man Meal Replacements to help them reach their goals. Now in just a matter of months, they are seeing some fantastic weight loss results!

These are just a handful of the amazing stories we’re hearing from the men who’ve changed their health and their life thanks to The Healthy Man.

See their weight loss results below!

Healthy Man Meal Replacement

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1. Warren Magill Weight Loss Results –  7 kgs 

Warren is a 36-year-old dad and mechanic from Newcastle who has seen his scales go from 107kgs down to 100kg in just 4 months. He’s loving how he’s feeling and has seen amazing health changes as a result.

“I see an improvement in energy levels, mood and stamina throughout the day, along with feeling lighter and fitter every day I stay on track”

He’s been using The Healthy Man Meal Replacement in place of a pie purchase for his “smoko” breaks at work

“For me, smoko was often a pie or something full of sugar, which always left me hungry and feeling heavy and low after the sugar rush. Since replacing it with my Healthy Man Meal Replacement, I am no longer hungry afterwards, feel lighter and have plenty of energy to carry me through to lunch and beyond.”

Read more about the journey Warren has been on here.

2.Philip Palmer Weight Loss – 5 kgs

Philip Palmer is a 30-year-old cabinet maker from Melbourne and started using The Healthy Man Meal Replacement and tweaking his diet two months ago. In that time he’s lost 5 kilos and is feeling better than ever.

“I’ve been using The Healthy Man Meal Replacement properly with a balanced diet using healthy snacks and dinners since the middle of January and I’ve lost 5kgs. I absolutely love the taste, texture and how easy they are to prepare and have which means I’m not skipping breakfast anymore.”

“I’m seeing so many positive benefits that I’m loving. I have so much more energy and find I’m not getting puffed easily running around with the kids, I don’t feel tired all the time like I did, I’m not skipping breakfast anymore because I take it and have it on my way to work and also have it on weekends.”

“I don’t feel so bloated, my shorts and shirts are fitting a lot comfier and aren’t tight.”  

He says only good things about The Healthy Man Meal Replacement.

“I absolutely love the taste, texture and how easy they are to prepare and have which means I’m not skipping breakfast anymore. They’re super quick to make and shake as I’m walking out the door for work plus they are really filling and keep me going all morning until snack time, sometimes even lunch if I’m really busy.”

Read more of Philip’s health and weight loss journey here.

3. Jason Farley Weight Loss – 4 kgs

Jason is a 46-year-old painter who runs his own business so is limited on time when it comes to looking after himself. He has been using The Healthy Man Meal Replacement in an effort to lose some weight and improve his diabetes.

He’s been enjoying The Meal Replacement for breakfast on and off for the last 4 months and admits that he took a break over Christmas and January…but who doesn’t. His journey has been up and down with his starting weight of 117kg which went up to 120kg but he’s happy to be back down to 116kgs!

“I am loving both the chocolate and vanilla Healthy Man Meal Replacement and usually have them with milk or add a banana for breakfast which I find great for on the go. They are thick, smooth and creamy and not grainy like others can be.

“I am genuinely not as hungry as I used to be and finding I am not eating as much.”

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4. Dean Harman Weight Loss Results – 7kgs 

Dean is a 56-year-old sales manager from the Gold Coast who’s been loving his Healthy Man Meal Replacement since he first got it in January.

“I have been using The Healthy Man Meal Replacement since receiving my first tub on the 3rd of January. This was vanilla and I then ordered the chocolate. I replace my breakfast with The Healthy Man Meal Replacement.”

He’s been using The Healthy Man Meal Replacement in conjunction with healthy meals his wife cooks and has seen the scales go from 97kg to 89.5kg.

This normally a time of year where I gain weight I to lose 7kg is great. My wife cooks healthy recipes and the combination of the two has seen me lose 7 kg since December 3. I love it as it fills me up and gives me the energy to start my day.”Read more about Dean and others’ journey here.

Hear what Nutritionist Mark Surdut says about The Healthy Man Meal Replacement

“Nutritionally this is a great product. Well-balanced, unlike so many diet shakes, this meal replacement drink is nutritionally solid – it’s not radical, it’s not extreme in its mix of macros, it’s BALANCED – it has some carbs, naturally derived from wholesome dairy milk (NO sugar added, NOT in ANY funny form). It has good levels of filling protein and I like that it has a mix of both whey protein and soy protein. Soy protein is a high biological value (ie. high quality) rapidly-digested protein, with potential roles in reducing the risk of heart disease.”

Grab a tub of The Healthy Man Meal Replacement here.

“How much protein? A made-up shake has the protein load of 3.5 hard-boiled eggs! It has a broad spectrum of micros (vitamins, minerals, trace elements), so it’s really complete and in good doses of them too. The “sugar” listed in the nutritional panel is naturally occurring cow’s milk carbohydrate, not sucrose or glucose or fructose. It has enough fibre to match 3.5 cups of raw broccoli or 2.5 cups of raw green beans. Then it has another veggie added inside too, tomato, which has a beneficial antioxidant called ‘lycopene’ and may protect blokes against prostate cancer and heart disease.

For a real kickstart to weight loss and to your workday and a boost to your nutrition too, the author suggests blending 2 heaped scoops (40g) of The Healthy Man, 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk and ½ cup of your favourite super-veggies such as celery and cucumber. Your mates won’t recognise you!  

If you want to shift some kilo’s, look no further than The Healthy Man’s Meal Replacement!

The Healthy Man Meal Replacement is available in Chocolate and Vanilla and will:-

  • Enhance fat-burning ability
  • Improve gut health
  • Reduce beer belly
  • Increase stamina
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Increase energy, vitality and overall health

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The reviews are in! What blokes say about it...

James says  “I’ve recently started to exercise and try to get healthy so I’m more conscious of what I’ve been eating. This Healthy Man Meal Replacement is perfect for someone like me who is always in a rush but is trying to avoid unhealthy food options.”

He adds, “It tastes really good and was very filling, it kept me going till lunchtime. It’s great that it’s low calorie but has everything I need to keep me strong and my energy up.

I will definitely be adding the Healthy Man Meal Replacement to my daily routine!” 

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