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5 ways to sneak more veggies in your diet and hit your 5 a day!

You’ve heard it multiple times, but it seems we’re NOT getting enough vegetables in our diet. Experts agree we should all be aiming for 5 servings of vegetables a day.

Easier said than done yes? Maybe not.

5 ways to include more serves of vegetables into your diet

1. Have veggies for breakfast

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Often people think of breakfast as a no go vegetable zones. Where in fact, vegetables can quite easily feature within breakfast meals and taste amazing as well.

  • Think about options like omelettes with 1 cup of spinach added and a ½ cup of chopped mushrooms. That would be 2 of your 5 servings done by breakfast time.
  • Think of roasted capsicums and feta cheese on grainy toast. That is 1 serve of veggies there as well.
  • Or you could add 1 cup of baby spinach or a puck of frozen spinach to your Healthy Man Meal Replacement.

These Ham Spinach and Egg Breakfast Muffins  (pictured above) are a fun breakfast recipe that includes a serving of spinach.

Why not add mushrooms or tomatoes to up your veggies. Find the recipe here.

2. Have veggies or as a snack

People often head for a piece of fruit as a snack, next time try some veggies instead. Some suggestions for veggie-based snacks are of course vegetable sticks but these could also be served with a  veggie or legume-based dip (legumes like chickpeas and lentils are deemed veggies!).

How about 3 or 4 celery sticks with some peanut butter? The protein hit will keep you feeling fuller for a little longer as well.

3. Bulk up your sandwiches


When you are having lunch, opt for a meal that you can veggify.

You do not have to stick with salads although they are obviously an easy way to obtain some veggies in your day. Think about bulking up your sandwich or wrap with ½ cup of carrot or 1 cup of leafy greens. Try one or the other or both and you could be ticking off another 2 serves!

4. Eat vegetarian meals more often

Dinner is the obvious time to include veggies in the meal, but if you have had them throughout the day your plate will not have to overloaded with them, struggling with eating 5 serves.

One way to help with vegetable consumption at night time is to aim to have at least 2 vegetarian meals per week. You can also add salad, steamed veggies, roast veggies, ratatouille or a host of other veggie side dishes to your main meal to get the add vegetable content for the day.

5. Replace carbs with vegetables

It’s so easy when your know-how! And you don’t have to compromise on taste either. Plus you’ll save a heap of calories.

Try turning vegetables like zucchinis into noodles (zoodles) to use instead of spaghetti or turn cauliflower into rice. With a good curry you really won’t notice the difference. You can get both pre-made in the supermarket fresh or frozen but it’s really pretty easy to do at home.

If you’re watching your calories, find out how many calories in a steak, Bottle of wine, and coke.

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