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10 Food Swaps to Aid Weight Loss

By Mark Surdut APD AN

Getting your mind wrapped around the idea of embarking on a weight loss journey can feel a bit full-on.

But the idea of making some changes, like swapping some foods for other foods, may feel like a goal you can sink your teeth into right now.

Here are some solid ideas for food swaps to help aid weight loss

Average  Sensible  Why?
Cookies /biscuits Rice cakes x 1 -2 with  real peanut butter (PB) Rice cakes are lower in sugar of course and PB protein is a nutrient-rich source of protein too. Cookies are mostly made up of 2 poor ingredients: cake flour and sugar.
Snakes/lollies Nuts – a handful a day Nuts are powerhouses of nutrients like good oils and antioxidants. Due to their fat content, they’re super-filling. Lollies, on the other hand, never make one feel satiated (filled) or nourished.
Fruit Cut up raw veggies and a tbsp hummus While fruit is in fact super-healthy, it is also high in natural sugars and so needs to be moderated. Veggies in raw form have almost no sugar and packed (like fruit) with micronutrients and fibre.
Dried fruit eg. sultanas Olives While fruit is in fact super-healthy (as noted above), DRIED fruit is concentrated fruit = concentrated natural sugar = calories.
Fruit juice Water or lightly sparkling-flavoured mineral water Fruit juice is very high in natural sugars too. If you’ve ever made fresh orange juice you would know how many oranges it takes to squeeze to make a glass of juice. If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, you want to avoid this juice.
Bread and cheese A couple of slices of light tasty cheese without the bread, with a few pickled gherkins or your other fav raw veg, like some cherry tomatoes. Unknown to many is the fact that bread is not as filling as it looks. A cheese sandwich is more filling, as a result of the cheese (protein) rather than the bread.
Half a watermelon  A punnet of blueberries Some fruits are higher in sugars than others. Not only this, but the same fruits, like watermelon, tend to be eaten in large chunks. A whole 125g punnet of berries has no more sugar than a small apple!
A bag of crisps A handful of popcorn Crisps are very high in something other than starch/carbs and this is highly-processed vegetable oil.  A couple of handfuls of lightly salted popcorn is a wiser choice and has much less sodium (salt) too.
Chocolate A few squares of 80 per cent + dark chocolate or a keto-friendly piece of chocolate Darker chocolate has less sugar and more of the healthy cocoa ingredient – rich in antioxidants.
A handful of pretzels A boiled egg (the author always has a row stacked in the fridge!) Pretzels are like biscuits, but in a different form. They are also made of cake flour. A boiled egg is one of nature’s finest foods, low in carbs, full of high biological value (quality) protein and some other wonderful nutrients, like carotenoid antioxidants, that give the yolk its colour.

You see, getting healthy does not have to be beyond your reach. You can now appreciate that making some “swaps” from some pretty average foods (if you can even call them foods) to some super nourishing foods is not that hard, so the keep this list somewhere handy, like on the pantry door, and the next time you get an urge to ravage through the pantry, check out your options first.

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