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How Many Calories In Steak? Find out now!

For all the non-vegetarians and non-vegans out there, a juicy piece of steak is a dish to be savoured. However, it usually isn’t the first meal to come to mind when you’re watching your calories, and for a good reason too! So let’s find out how many calories in steak?

How Many Calories In Steak

Just because steak is a little high on the calorie side doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of nutrients to be enjoyed. When eaten in moderation, steak can be a great way to help you meet your nutritional goals, providing a healthy dose of protein and other nutrients such as zinc, iron, and various other vitamins. Alternatively, a meal replacement shake can offer a convenient option for those on the go or seeking a lighter alternative.

How Many Calories In a Steak and the nutritional information?

Of course, the number of calories in a steak largely depends on the cut of the meat and how it’s prepared. According to the USDA, the nutritional details for 100 grams grilled beef tenderloin with the fat removed are as follows:

  • Calories – 179
  • Fat – 7.6g
  • Protein – 26g
  • Sodium – 60mg

What are the cuts of steak that are the lowest in calories?

Did you know there are 16 different primary cuts of steak, each of them with its own nutritional values and caloric density? Here is the average calorie count for 100 grams of some of the most popular cuts:

Porterhouse – 240 calories
T-Bone – 236 calories
New York Strip Steak – 229 calories
Sirloin – 222 calories
Ribeye – 177 calories
Filet Mignon – 170 calories

Tips to keep the calories down


  • Opt for grass-fed

Grass-fed beef is considered much healthier than grain-fed due to its lower fat and healthier fatty acid profile.

  • Trim the fat

If you’re cooking your steak at home, take the time to trim any visible fat. This makes the steak much leaner and helps the cooking process as it allows you to cook the steak more evenly. With that said, many people believe the fat is one of the tastiest parts of meat, so you might want to trim the fat after you’ve cooked it so some of the flavors can transfer.

  • How it’s cooked

Choosing lean cooking methods such as grilling, roasting, and broiling is a great idea if you’re trying to cut down on your calories. For example, if you decide to cook a steak with butter, it can add up to 100 calories and an extra 12 grams of fat for every tablespoon of butter used.

  • What else is on the plate?

Lastly, even if you grill a grass-fed steak and trim the fat, it’s important to remember what’s accompanying the steak on your plate. Most people choose to eat their steak with fries, onion rings, baked potatoes, and other unhealthy foods. Be mindful of these extras as they’re what make up the majority of the calories.

While knowledge is power, don’t get bogged down in calorie counting for every bite. Remember, a balanced diet is key. Enjoy your steak alongside a salad or roasted vegetables, and skip the fries. If you’re watching calories but still crave a beer, explore the world of low-calorie beer options – there might be a perfect light lager or crisp ale out there for you (although it probably won’t beat water for pure refreshment!).

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Now you know How Many Calories In Steak. let’s find out How many calories in a Big Mac?

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