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6 days to kicking the sugar habit to help you lose weight

It may taste good, but sugar is NOT your friend if you want to improve your health and lose weight!

So if you want to make the move to cut processed sugar out of your diet, check out these 6 ways you can cut down in just 6 DAYS!

6 ways to reduce your sugar intake in 6 days

DAY 1- Cut the soft drinks out

If you’re a fan of fizzy or soft drinks and can’t get through the day without a Coke or an energy drink, it’s time to say bye-bye. They’re packed full of sugar and have little nutritional value.

To kick the habit – Start by sipping on fizzy water with lemon or some other fruit to try and wean yourself off, and by day 7 it should be a lot easier.

DAY 2- Avoid sugar in your tea or coffee

Image by Fabrizio Arginetti from Pixabay

A spoonful of sugar in your morning cuppa may sound fairly harmless, but they add up, especially if you’re having more than one cup a day. Plus those caramel lattes at your favourite coffee shop are even worse culprits!

Try herbal teas such as peppermint instead, or use a chemical-free sweetener such as Stevia as you make the transition to no sugar in your regular tea or coffee.

Ditch sugar from your tea and coffee

DAY 3- Choose plain yoghurt rather than sweet, flavoured types

Yoghurt is such a great snack, it’s high in protein and great for combatting tummy fat. There are many known health benefits but you’ve got to be careful when you choose your yoghurt snack.

Many of the flavoured yoghurts are loaded with extra sugar and cream. Opt for plain, Greek yoghurt and add your own flavour and sweetness with some berries or a little honey for sweetness instead.

DAY 4- Make your own pasta sauce

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Pre-made pasta sauces are loaded with hidden sugar, even the simple tomato ones can contain 8-10 teaspoons of sugar per family-sized jar.

Struggling to think of a quick dinner option tonight? Try our recipe for a homemade pasta sauce for a healthier pasta dish with no artificial nasties, and it’s great for the whole family too!

DAY 5- Switch to dark chocolate (90 per cent that is) rather than white or milk

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Ah chocolate, for many of us it’s a weakness! Milk and white chocolates contain lots of sugar (and fat) and don’t provide many nutrients. In fact, there’s no beneficial cocoa/cacao in white chocolate so it doesn’t even count as chocolate!

The dark types and by dark we mean 70 per cent cocoa or more, however, have plenty of benefits.

Nutritionist Nikki Boswell has this tip: ‘If you aren’t accustomed to dark chocolate, start with something that is around 50% cocoa (known as semi-sweet) and build up to darker (85%) from there. You could also try varieties with nuts or dried fruit, which help to cut through the bitterness.

DAY 6- Snack on veggies rather than fruit

Image by djpresc16 from Pixabay

Fruit may seem like a healthy option, and it is but in moderation. Aim to have two serves of fruit every day and five veggies, as the high sugar content in fruit should be limited.

One great way to snack on veggies is to chop some up and enjoy with hummus, a delicious dip made from chickpeas. Try carrots, cucumber, capsicum and celery.

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