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Here’s how you can have your Christmas cake or pudding and eat it too!

If you’re committed to a healthy eating and exercise plan we’re strong believers that you can still enjoy all the delicious foods you love, especially at Christmas, some you just have to be enjoyed in moderation but you shouldn’t deny yourself anything.

When it comes to healthy eating at Christmas time it can be hard to stick to a healthy eating plan with so many delicious options available, which is why we have put together this quick guide that helps you balance what you eat with the calories you burn when you exercises.

So go on enjoy that Christmas treat, all you have to do is work it off with some exercise.


Here is how you can enjoy those Christmas treats without the guilt

There are certain dishes that can’t be ignored at Christmas time but take heed, you can actually have your pudding and eat it too.

We wanted to help you enjoy these delicious treats whilst still working on your weight or health goals. Below is a bit of a guide on how you work off the calories you consume with some of Christmas time’s most tempting treats.

So if you eat this you need to do this exercise to burn those calories.

Christmas Pudding

Traditional Christmas Pudding often has a high content of sugar but if you really want to give yourself a treat and enjoy this Christmas favourite there is no reason you can’t.

What is one way to ease the guilt you may feel from indulging in this Christmas treat? Exercise! In fact, just half an hour of swimming is all you would need to do in order to burn off the calories consumed in one slice of Christmas Pudding (340 calories).


Chocolate is a sweet delicacy and is very hard to say no to, even at the best of times. Everything can be had in moderation even this deliciously sweet treat!

If you want to have a little indulgence all you need to do is half an hour of mat pilates and you can have four squares of chocolate. The exercise will burn off the approximately 100 calories that you will be consuming with the chocolate.

You could also try some healthier chocolate recipes like Chocolate Fudge Protein Brownies RecipeRecipe for Churros with Chocolate Sauce in an Air Fryer or Sweet & Healthy Air Fryer Chocolate Butter Cookie Recipe.

Fruit Mince Pie

These traditional sweet pies are a Christmas staple for most and because of this, they are almost unavoidable.

But have no fear if you indulge in a traditional Fruit Mince Pie (approx 180 calories) all you need to do is 20-minutes of push-ups and you will burn those extra calories.


Soft drinks often come hand in hand with your Christmas dinner as they are the easy thing to grab and take with you or are drunk by most people so an easy option to serve and please most guests.

If you do end up indulging in the fizzy stuff and enjoy a cold glass of lemonade on a hot Christmas Day all you need to do is 15 minutes of knee raises to work off the approximately 125 calories in that glass of lemonade.


Nothing says Christmas like a glass of eggnog!

But this yummy drink needn’t make you break your weight loss goals if you have a glass of eggnog (390 calories) you can work it off by doing a 30-minute to an hour workout.

Turkey and Potato

Often a staple on any Christmas dinner table the beloved roast turkey can be hard to avoid and there is often some form of potato dish as a side to accompany it.

Never fear if you do enjoy some of this Christmas favourite you just need to take a one-hour bike ride to burn off the 578 calories of this very scrumptious and yummy dish.

If you want to enjoy a healthier version of this delicious dish we have a recipe for Roast Turkey with Pistachio Stuffing and Cranberry Gravy.


Everyone loves a slice or two of creamy cheesecake to finish off a meal and truth be told, there is no reason why you should enjoy this yummy dessert.

After every great meal, a walk is a great way to settle your tummy and even better if you take a one and a half hour hike you will burn off two slices of that delicious cheesecake (approx 600 calories).


There is always the opportunity to enjoy a glass or two of bubbles during the festive season whether it be at the office Christmas party or to toast in the New Year.

Don’t stop yourself from enjoying a celebratory drink, you just need to pull out that skipping rope and do 15 minutes of skipping and you will burn 340 calories which is double the 180 calories two glasses of champagne equates to.

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