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7 AMAZING Healthy Man transformations from 2021

It’s been a crazy year but that didn’t stop these 7 men from making over their health and their lives with amazing results!

Be inspired by the amazing transformations and kick start your 2022 health goals to see results just like them with the help of The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake.

Check out the inspiring and amazing transformations that these 7 men had over the last 12 months…or less.

7 AMAZING Healthy Man transformations from 2021

Ash Falls – “I feel much more healthy than I have in years”

24kgs in 8 weeks

Ash Falls is a Fly-in-Fly-out (FIFO) miner from Tasmania which means staying on a healthy eating plan can be difficult due to long hours and plenty of travel.

“For me, it was about getting fit and looking and feeling better. It’s a long road with a goal of 100kgs. I started out at 142kg to my current weight at 118kgs (2 months I’ve lost 24kgs) with still a way to go to my goal. I feel much more healthy than I have in years my fitness levels are improving every week to the point I’m actually enjoying the gym again and I want to do better each week.”

Read more of Ash’s journey here.

Angelo Iaria – “The Healthy Man Meal Replacement Shake gave me the energy required to do my exercise.”

10kgs in 4 weeks

Dad of three Angelo Iaria is 47 years old and wanting to change his lifestyle and lose weight to feel healthier.

“With my journey, I wanted to lose 10 kg as I was weighing in at 113.0 kg so I changed my eating habits to clean foods and stopped eating any junk food and stopped drinking soft drinks with sugar and opted for sugar-free drinks.”

“I’m seeing that my clothing is looser and I’ve dropped a few clothes sizes. I also have more energy and stamina just by losing that extra 10kg luggage.”

Read more of Angelo’s journey here.

Corey Reece – “I have seen muscles that I have not seen or felt for 20 years”

10kgs in 8 months

Corey Reese had a number of different motivators for wanting to lose some weight and improve his health. In just 8 months, by making changes to his lifestyle and using The Healthy Man Meal Replacements he lost almost 10kgs.

“Over 8 months, I have lost up to 9 kg. I was at a weight of 99.7kg when I started to change my lifestyle and by the end of the 8 months, I was 89.2 kg, and using The Healthy Man products has really helped with accelerating this process.”

“I have seen muscles that I have not seen or felt for 20 years, I can now run up to 3 km before needing a breather, I have a much better sleep pattern, I am more motivated to get out and go for a run, just better lifestyle all round.”

Read more of Corey’s journey here.

Damien George – “I feel much more energetic to play with the kids and join in with them.”

10kgs in 6 months

Damien had been using The Healthy Man Meal Replacement for a few months, just as an easy and quick meal replacement that still kept him feeling full and was healthy. Once he decided to combine it with the exercise he started to really see weight loss results.

“I saw the 3 figures of 100kg looming and decided it was time to do something different. Since then I have seen improvement in my weight and body image.”

“I no longer wake up with neck pain or joint pain. I feel much more energetic to play with the kids and join in with them.”

“Shorts that were too small for me last summer are now fitting again and some are already too big.”

Read more of Damien’s journey here.

Daniel Rylance – “I sleep so much better and I need to buy new belts and clothes!”

22kgs in 4 months

Daniel Rylance admits that he was fed up with feeling sluggish, his clothes feeling tight, and not sleeping well. Spurned on by his wife who was following the Healthy Mummy, Daniel started using The Healthy Man Meal Replacement and in just four months has lost 22 kilos!

“My biggest motivation is the fact it’s a lifestyle change, not a diet. I feel better and more active and being able to support my wife and do this together means it’s more achievable.”

“I’m sleeping better, longer hours and less restless. I feel more energetic and have already had to buy new clothes.”

Read more of Daniel’s journey here.

Warren Magill – “I see an improvement in energy levels, mood and stamina throughout the day”

7kgs in 4 months

Warren is a 36-year-old dad and mechanic from Newcastle who has seen his scales go from 107kgs down to 100kg in just 4 months. He’s loving how he’s feeling and has seen amazing health changes as a result.

“I see an improvement in energy levels, mood and stamina throughout the day, along with feeling lighter and fitter every day I stay on track”

“For me, smoko was often a pie or something full of sugar, which always left me hungry and feeling heavy and low after the sugar rush. Since replacing it with my Healthy Man Meal Replacement, I am no longer hungry afterwards, feel lighter and have plenty of energy to carry me through to lunch and beyond.”

Read more of Warren’s journey here.

Sean O’Mahoney – “I really like the fact that I don’t feel hungry between meals”

6kgs in 6 weeks

Sean O’Mahoney is a 51-year-old Managing Director of Laboratory Operations in Victoria saw real results after making changes to his lifestyle and using The Healthy Man Meal Replacement for just over a month.

“I first lost 5kgs in four weeks but I’ve now been using The Healthy Man Meal Replacement for six weeks and have lost a total of 6kgs.”

“I am noticing the weight loss and difference in my body shape. Friends have also commented on how I’m looking now. My main motivation is trying to be the best version of myself. But seeing definite results is keeping me going.”

Read more of Sean’s journey here.

These are some amazing transformations and we love seeing how men have transformed their health with the help of The Healthy Man. We can’t wait to see how these men and more make even more positive changes for their health and life in 2022.

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