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Healthy Man Corey has lost almost 10kg in 8 months with The Healthy Man Meal Replacement!

Corey Reese had a number of different motivators for wanting to lose some weight and improve his health. Along with wanting a better lifestyle for his wife and kids, Corey is keen to enter the WA Police force so committed to making a change. His wife suggested The Healthy Man and in the last 8 months, by making changes to his lifestyle and using the Healthy Man Meal Replacements he’s lost almost 10kgs.

“I have seen muscles that I have not seen or felt for 20 years, I can now run up to 3 km before needing a breather, I have a much better sleep pattern, I am more motivated to get out and go for a run, just better lifestyle all round.”

From 8 beers a night and regularly eating take out this man has lost almost 10kg after turning his health around

Corey Reese is a dad and aspiring police officer who was formerly part of the armed forces but has seen his health decline over the last few years. Corey decided to make a change 8 months ago and his wife suggested he try The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shakes to support his new health goals.

“I have been using The Healthy Man for just over 6 months, my wife is a member of The Healthy Mummy community and she suggested I try it.”

“Over the last 8 months, I have lost up to 9 kg. I was at a weight of 99.7kg when I started to change my lifestyle and currently, I am 89.2 kg, and using the healthy man products over the last 6 months has really helped with accelerating this process.”

Corey hadn’t quite realised just how unhealthy he had become over the years until he made these major changes.

“What keeps me motivated is that I was not aware that I was so unhealthy. I was smoking up to two years ago, I was drinking eight beers a night and eating takeaway more than anything, and not exercising at all. I could not run for more than two mins without struggling and I could not fit into clothes. My kids and my wife are my main motivators and also I have an application for the WA police that I’m hoping will succeed is also another motivator for me.”

Reaching for new goals

Although Corey has seen huge changes in his health and fitness he hasn’t hit his ultimate goals yet and wants to get the fitness he had when he was in the armed services, which will help him with the WA police as well.

“I have seen muscles that I have not seen or felt for 20 years, I can now run up to 3 km before needing a breather, I have a much better sleep pattern, I am more motivated to get out and go for a run, just better lifestyle all round.

My ultimate goal is to reach 75 to 80 kg weight including gaining muscle mass, improve stamina and just my overall life expectancy and health.”

When he gets to that goal he already has plans to treat himself and celebrate.

“When I reach the goal I can look at new transport, and hopefully be in the job that I want.”

Fitting The Healthy Man perfectly into his schedule

Corey found The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shakes fit perfectly into his busy lifestyle especially when it comes to breakfast.

“I am using the product every morning for breakfast, I have a very active job role and I don’t have a lot of time in the mornings so I use this and some fruit to get going in the morning with a coffee and I’m good to go.

I like The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shakes just because they are easy to drink, taste good and it does not feel like your doing anything special just having a milkshake really, I hope to see more flavours but other than that this is the first one that I have really tried and stuck with thanks to my wife who has been a great support and inspiration.”

Realising how much of his fitness he’d lost since leaving the armed forces

Having previously been in the armed forces and very fit, Corey found regaining his fitness the biggest struggle.

“It has been a hard slog with fitness, I did not realise how much fitness I had lost since leaving the armed forces in 2001 and just thinking that I did not care there was no need for me to worry about fitness, why do I need to? This choice in jobs and changes that I have made I never thought I would have ever done it, but I have had a person that has pushed me and now we are going to work together to push each other.”

Even so, he’s had some great results that can obviously be seen in photos.

“I have attached two photos (below), one of me about 18 months ago and one of now, using the product and changing lifestyle, starting weight was 99.7kg, currently 86.2kg, wanting to get to 75 to 80kg.”

We love that you’re having such great results Corey and can’t wait to see them continue! Good luck with your application to WA Police.

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