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How Many Calories In Vodka? And why we need to know.

Did you know that vodka is one of the lowest-calorie alcoholic beverages in the world? The reason why is because it contains nothing more than just ethanol and water. That means there are no carbs, fat, sodium, vitamins, sugar, or fibre, with 100% of the calories coming from the alcohol itself. This is excellent news for those of you on a calorie-restrictive diet as you can still go out and have a good time without missing out on all the fun!


How Many Calories In Vodka?

It’s important to keep in mind that 100% of the calories in vodka come from alcohol. This means that the stronger the vodka you’re drinking, the more calorific it is. With spirits, we derive the amount of alcohol contained inside by looking at the proof number listed on the bottle.

If you’re used to calculating your alcohol’s strength with a percentage, don’t worry. All you have to do is simply half the proof to get the alcohol percentage. For example, 70 proof is 35% alcohol. With that out of the way, here are the calories for a 1.5-ounce shot of vodka at different proof levels:

70 proof – 85 calories
80 proof – 96 calories
90 proof – 110 calories
100 proof – 124 calories

If you prefer to drink flavoured vodka, just bear in mind that some of the brands use sugar for flavouring, which will add to the overall number of calories in your drink.

Things to keep in mind

Watch your mixers

Just because vodka is low in calories doesn’t mean that all drinks containing vodka are too. If you mix vodka with Red Bull or coke, then you will significantly increase the number of calories you consume per beverage.

With that said, here are some of the most popular vodka-based cocktails that are low on calories:


Cosmopolitan – 150 calories
Martini – 120 calories
Vodka cranberry – 130 calories
Bloody mary – 140 calories

Drinking on an empty stomach

If you’re watching your weight, just remember it’s never a good idea to drink too much on an empty stomach. Doing so can worsen the side effects of alcohol and bring them on much faster than usual.

Late-night snacks

Finally, if your plan is to keep the calories down, don’t forget to skip the late-night kebab once the party is over. If you do, you can kiss goodbye all of the hard work you made saving the calories throughout the night drinking your vodka martinis!

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