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5 types of training with Healthy Man trainer Ed!

By Ed Stephenson, Healthy Man Trainer

I wanted to look at some of the different types of fitness training to help you on your path to health and wellness, no matter your goal. The types I’m going to be covering include circuit training, weight training, cardiovascular training and plyometric training.

You may be just starting out your fitness journey and you’re not quite sure where to start or you may be experienced in training but just need a change, it’s important to understand the different types of training you can do and also what benefits they may offer when doing them. Before committing headstrong to a new training stimulus there are a few criteria that you should consider: first and foremost, your goals will more than likely dictate what type of training you do and how frequently you do it. Secondly, your lifestyle and schedule will facilitate/not facilitate what type of training you’re able to do.

The 5 types of training to help you lose weight and get healthy


Circuit training is one of the most popular forms of training in gyms and boot camps in the modern fitness environment. They can be completed essentially anywhere and can be varied very easily depending on ability and goals, including a focus on weights or machine-based exercises, bodyweight exercises, time-based goals or round-based goals.

One common form of circuit training which is prevalent today is HIIT or high-intensity training. In this form of exercise, participants perform a range of movements with a programmed rest period, followed by a higher intensity period, the times and volume of each can be varied depending on ability.

HIIT training can target your aerobic (cardio and oxygen as an energy source) and anaerobic (high energy release with oxygen demand passing oxygen supply) systems depending on the exercises chosen.

This training can be extremely efficient in building muscle and overall conditioning with a full-body workout, however can be deceptively difficult for beginners to exercise and they may struggle initially.


Weight training is your more traditional form of anaerobic exercise in order to build up strength, power, conditioning and endurance. During strength training your workout is predominantly measured through reps and sets while progress can be measured through increases in weights lifted compared to a previous time.

As mentioned, weight training provides strength, power and endurance to our muscles and skeletal systems, making it highly valuable in terms of our functional abilities in day to day life, such as the prevention of a range of injuries that would occur if your muscles and skeletal system were weaker and less supported.

This type of training is common to start with for beginners and can be picked up on your own quite easily. However, as external weights and foreign movements are involved, it may be beneficial to hire a personal trainer to assist in exercise prescription, programming and technical help!

Cardiovascular endurance

This form of training is mostly known as cardio, primarily involving lower intensity steady state training in the form of aerobic conditioning. Cardio uses your aerobic energy system, using oxygen to get your heart and lungs pumping. Cardio is fantastic for your heart health, and circulatory system healthy.

Exercises and movements include running, rowing, cycling, stepping etc. These forms of cardio can be completed in the gym but also outdoors, meaning cardio can be hugely efficient and easy, with variations a good possibility to increase difficulty. Using cardio as part of your exercise programming gives you a large degree of freedom in your training and can reduce boredom and monotony in fitness.


Plyometric training is a fantastic form of training to be used at a range of fitness levels from beginner to expert. It involves using muscles to exert maximum force for a short period with goals of increasing explosive power and strength like running, jumping etc. This type of training can be used in conjunction with traditional strength and weight training to better assist your goals. Plyometric training, through the constant explosive concentric and eccentric motions applied to your muscles, can be a massive help for injury prevention for athletes, but also individuals who are not sport-specific and want to assist their body being stronger and more secure.

While there is a range of different training styles, few will be specific to your specific goals. However, there will be a crossover in rewards for each method and style of training, meaning a good balance can be reached for maximum productivity and efficiency.

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