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Get fit without ‘working out’ – alternative ways to getting fit without the gym

If you want to get fit but dread the idea of signing up for a gym or even for some local workout classes then you’ll be happy to know there are some fun and easy ways you can get fit without working out.

From walking that extra mile to using what’s around the house there is always a way you can hit your health and fitness goals without breaking the bank or doing things you dread.

Check out our tips below.

getting fit without working out

Tips to help you get fit without working out and staying motivated

Challenge yourself

Set yourself small challenges that increase your incremental exercise in the day or week. For instance, you could challenge yourself to walk in situations that you’d usually drive or even set a challenge to do 10 mins extra walking a day. Setting these small challenges will give you something to work towards.

Get a buddy

The best way to get and stay motivated when it comes to working out is by having a friend you can do it with. This will not only make the workouts more enjoyable when you’re not doing them alone but you also have this other person who can hold you accountable for getting stuff done.

getting fit without working out

Schedule your workout

Setting a specific time of the week that you work out will mean you’re more likely to actually do it. Put a reminder in your phone, put a note up on the fridge or bathroom mirror whatever reminder will help you keep the date you set with yourself.

Set goals and track your progress

Goals are the best way to get and stay motivated. Make sure you’re setting achievable and SMART goals that will help you achieve your large goals of getting fit, healthy and losing weight. Once you start hitting these goals you can keep track whether it’s that you’ve lost kilos or changed clothes sizes however you choose to track your progress will help keep you motivated to keep going.

Goal setting: How to do it and succeed

Make exercise as part of your life as sleeping and eating

Once you create the habit of including exercise and working out in your routine just like you do with eating and sleeping it’ll become second nature and you’ll forget what your life was like before you exercised so regularly.

How to get fit without working out

getting fit without working out

Use online resources

There are plenty of free online resources that can help you change any parts of your life to help you lose weight and get fit without working out. Whether it be YouTube videos of how to properly do certain exercises, online meal plans to help you eat better or just general information on how to look after yourself.

Walk when possible

This could mean you walk to work if you can, or if you can’t you park a little further away from the office or the public transport. Adding incremental amounts of additional walking into your day will add up and help you get fit without working out.

Choose the stairs over a lift or escalator

getting fit without working out

We all love the convenience of an elevator or escalator but if you’re aiming to lose some weight and get fit without working out, why not opt for the stairs instead. Not only will the stairs work out new muscle groups you don’t normally use they’re often further away from the access points to your favourite places than the more convenient options which means a little more walking is added as well.

Get some basic equipment at home

There is some basic and cheap equipment you can get that will help with your weight loss and fitness goals without breaking the bank. Things like a jump rope for some cardio, a yoga mat for stretching and cool down, even a pedometer to count your steps and see that increase in the incremental walking push that step count up.

Use what you have

If you don’t want to even get the basics you can always find things around the house that work as perfect replacements to the usual things you find at a gym. For instance tins of fruit, veggies or packets of flour work great as basic weights. If you need to up the weight you can get large bottles and fill them with water, tea towels or other towels can work well as resistance bands. Often all you need to do is look around your house to find things you already own that can help you get fit without working out.

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