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15 foods and drinks to help BURN belly fat!

Belly fat can be a stubborn area to lose weight from but the good news is there are heaps of healthy foods and drinks that can be added to your diet to help you burn belly fat and you’ll notice centimetres off your stomach.

And you WON’T have to buy a heap of food you’ve never heard of. In fact, many of them you may already have and use at home.

burn belly fat

Food and drinks that help burn belly fat

If you eat certain belly blasting foods alongside doing tummy fat exercises, and you’ll actually start to see a noticeable reduction. When you are looking to lose weight, especially if you are targeting a particular area, it’s best to have a plan.

Working with a diet and exercise plan that helps to burn belly fat will increase your chances of getting that flat tummy look you are after.

We’ve created a list of 15 foods and drinks that can help you lose stomach fat and increase your weight loss progress.

Here are our top picks of foods that help you burn belly fat that you can easily incorporate into your daily diet…

burn belly fat

15 foods and drinks to BURN belly fat and assist weight loss

1. Water

burn belly fat water

Water is first on the list as it’s the most important and most forgotten ingredient to getting a flat tummy or just your overall health!

Keep a two-litre bottle on hand at all times. It flushes out toxins, keeps your appetite in check and is the best and cheapest belly fat burner available.

Tips to help you drink more water!

2. Apple cider vinegar

burn belly fat

Apple cider vinegar is a great natural bile stimulant and acid reflux preventer. It keeps the stomach pH levels balanced so you will have a flatter tummy!

Add a capful to half a glass of water and drink after you wake up.

3. Chia seeds

High in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds will help keep blood sugar levels stable and fill you up to hold your cravings at bay.

Sprinkle some in your Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake, make chia puddings or even some chia blueberry jam for something different! Any way you choose to incorporate chia seeds into your diet it will help you burn belly fat.

4.  Açai berries

Açai berry powder is high in anthocyanin- a natural pigment providing powerful antioxidants.

Açai provides an array of minerals that help to keep your body healthy and give you high levels of sustainable energy.

This extra energy will enable you to get out and perform more exercises to burn belly fat to burn more calories and help reduce abdominal fat.

5. Cinnamon

This powdery additive is a cross between spicy and sweet and it adds so much flavour to your breakfast.

Cinnamon also helps balance blood sugar levels, lowers bad cholesterol and helps reduce pain and inflammation.

Why not try sprinkling some on your porridge or to your coffee instead of using sugar. This will greatly help you on your belly fat reduction journey!

6. BCAAs

Also known as Branch Chain Amino Acids. BCAAs are three amino acids known as Leucine, Valine and Iso-Leucine.

They help prevent muscle breakdown and can be bought as yummy flavoured powders to use in place as sports drinks.

Drink them during your fat burning workout instead of water as they will help you tone up as you lose that belly and may even help in the formation of abdominal muscles.

7. Green tea

Green tea can increase your fat metabolism rate, especially if you drink it throughout the day.

It’s made from unfermented tea leaves and contains high concentrations of antioxidants known as polyphenols.

Green tea extract, especially the catechins, appear to be the secret to the fat-burning, metabolism-boosting effects.

Drink around 3-5 cups per day for maximum benefit to help you with stomach fat loss.

8. Green coffee

High in chlorogenic acids, green coffee may assist in promoting weight loss by the heightened conversion of fat into energy.

Basically, it helps burn fat stores which will help reduce your tummy fat.

It is also an antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Available in satchels, you can use it instead of your normal instant coffee.

9. Parsley

burn belly fat

Believe it or not, parsley has many health benefits, including reducing the effects of diarrhoea, improving digestion, regulating the menstrual cycle and increasing the rate of urination.

This means that more matter is expelled from the body, including more calories and thus reducing weight loss, to help you get a flatter stomach!

The diuretic aspect of parsley juice also means that it detoxifies the body faster than other drinks and acts as an appetite suppressant making you feel fuller than you are.

10. Celery

High in fibre and very low in calories, celery is a great diuretic to rid your body of excess water.

Juice them up with carrot and ginger for a revitalising fresh juice which helps reduce belly bloat so you can feel more comfortable.

11. Spirulina

burn belly fat

Spirulina is a sea plant that is high in protein and calcium, boosts your energy and is a great antioxidant.

It’s available in powder form and can be added to your Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake for that extra boost.

Spirulina is a great ingredient to add to your diet to sate your appetite and help reduce calorie intake, which assists in losing tummy fat.

You can also find Spirulina in The Healthy Man Super Greens.

12. The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake

The Healthy Man Meal Replacement is scientifically formulated by Nutritionists and Food technologists especially for men to help boost their health, vitality, nutrition and weight loss!

Ash Falls has lost 24 kilos in 2 months using the Healthy Man Meal replacement!

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With a mix of vitamins and minerals specifically designed to improve gut health, reduce beer belly and contributes to overall weight loss.

Get your tub of the Healthy Man Meal Replacement here

13. Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass has a high concentration of iron, magnesium, calcium, amino acids, vitamins C, A and E, B12, B6 and chlorophyll.

These vitamins and minerals provide many therapeutic benefits. Consuming wheatgrass can rid the digestive system of harmful bacteria and cleanse the body of toxins.

It also cleanses the colon and can help in the treatment of joint pain, ulcerative colitis, skin infections and can even prevent diabetes.

No wonder it is regarded as a superfood! A healthy body will definitely put you on the right track to burn belly fat and get a flatter stomach.

14. Yoghurt

So long as you choose yoghurt that is LOW in sugar or no added sugars, yoghurt is a really healthy treat that can burn belly fat and banish that belly!

High in good bacteria and probiotics, the benefits of yoghurt on gastrointestinal health are HUGE.

Yoghurt helps ease gastrointestinal conditions, including lactose intolerance, constipation, IBS, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, Helicobacter pylori infection, and allergies.

Just make sure you look for the nutrition label and make sure no added sugar is used. Instead, opt for Greek yoghurt varieties and use your own frozen berries and cinnamon to sweeten.

15. Dandelion tea

burn belly fat

This is a great replacement for coffee and is also an effective diuretic, so it can help to reduce water retention and belly bloating which helps to burn belly fat.

This healthy tea will help you feel slimmer and reduce the toxic load too.

Other things that will help you with weight loss and burn belly fat

Along with the list above, there are other changes you can make in your diet to help you burn belly fat and get a flat belly. Some simple swaps will help you lose weight and get a toned tummy.

Swaps you can make include:

  • Switching fats – adding healthy fats into your diet like those found in avocado or omega fatty acids will not only help lose body fat but also has other health benefits. You can also consider switching out more monounsaturated fats for something like olive oil.
  • Switch the grains – swap out your white rice for brown rice or even quinoa and cut out the refined carbs that can be found in white bread or bagels and instead opt for whole-grain alternatives.
  • Up the greens – best for overall health and for blasting belly fat is increasing your leafy green veggies such as kale or spinach even if you toss it in your morning smoothie if you’re not a fan of the taste.

Health benefits of reducing abdominal fat

There are many benefits to losing weight around your mid-section besides getting those flat abs.

The fat around your belly is known as visceral fat as it’s located around vital organs such as the liver, stomach and intestines. This type of fat is used to protect these organs but it can also influence hormones in your body and increase your risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Lowering your waist circumference will help lower your blood sugar and your chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Working towards a weight loss goal that focuses on your waistline will not only help you build your core muscles but prevent longer-term health issues.

Read more:

Burn belly fat with the help of The Healthy Man Meal Replacement

It’s the perfect low-calorie meal replacement for busy blokes wanting to boost weight loss and improve overall health. It’s full of whey and soy protein which means it’ll leave you feeling full and satisfied and keep you going till your next meal.

If you want to shift some kilo’s, look no further than The Healthy Man’s Meal Replacement!

The Healthy Man Meal Replacement Shake is available in Chocolate and Vanilla and will:-

    • Enhance fat-burning ability
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    • Improve gut health
    • Increase muscle strength
  • Reduce beer belly
  • Increase energy, vitality and overall health

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Or you could use The Healthy Man Super Greens Powder to burn belly fat!

The Healthy Man Super Greens packs a massive nutritional punch containing over 37 real food and quality superfood ingredients including:

  • Spirulina
  • Flaxseed
  • Pea Protein
  • Organic Barley Grass
  • Chlorella
  • Chia
  • Goji Berry
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Mushroom  Powder
  • And much more

With all these amazing ingredients coming together in a simple powder form The Health Man Super Greens Powder will help you boost your immune system with a huge dose of Vitamin C and give you a shot of iron to boost your energy. It’s also a proudly Australian owned supplement that is vegan-friendly and GMO-free.

The perfect addition to your Healthy Man Meal Replacement or just mix it with water cause it tastes that good.

Grab your own packet of Healthy Man Super Greens Powder and get the goodness into your diet today!

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