How Many Calories In Rice?

It would be fair to say that rice is one of the most ubiquitous foods in the entire world. It seems that just about every nation on earth has its rice-based cuisine making it a staple part of many people’s diets. In fact, it’s estimated that around half of the people in the world get around 50% of their calories from rice which makes it a pretty important little grain indeed! But how many of us actually know how many calories in rice?

But is it healthy? Well, the answer to this all depends on what type of rice you eat, how it’s been processed, and the method in which it was cooked. One of the most significant factors determining whether or not rice is good for you is if you decide to eat white or brown rice.

calories in rice
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The difference between white and brown rice

Interestingly, both white and brown rice is made from the same grain; they’re just milled differently. During the milling process, brown rice’s kernel keeps its bran layer intact, whereas this layer is polished away with white rice.

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For this reason, white rice is considered unhealthy by many people as it’s more highly processed and is missing many of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients present in brown rice.

You see, most of the “goodness” that’s present in brown rice is located in the fibre-rich bran and germ. Once you take this away, you’re left with white rice, which is considered to be “empty carbs.”

With that said, all hope is not lost for those that prefer white rice over brown as you can usually purchase white rice that has been enriched with added nutrients such as iron and B vitamins making it somewhat less “empty.”

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How many calories in white rice?

  • 100g raw white rice = 355 calories and 79g carbs
  • 100g of boiled or steamed white rice = 160 cals and 36g carbs

How many calories in brown rice?

  • 100g of raw brown rice = 371 cals and 77.4g carbs
  • 100g of boiled or steamed brown rice = 152.72 cals and 31.8g carbs
How many calories in white rice
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Does the method of cooking affect the calorie count?

Our nutritionist found that there is no difference in the calories in boiled or steamed rice. This means if you’re watching your weight and wanting to enjoy some rice it doesn’t matter which way you cook it.

There is however a difference between white and brown rice, if you’re looking to lose weight you might want to choose brown rice plus it has a heap of other nutritional benefits also.

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