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How To get rid of man boobs with tips from our trainer Ed!

By Ed Stephenson, Healthy Man Trainer

Man boobs are one of those issues which a lot of men struggle with. Increased weight and body fat, decreased muscle tone and size paired with a slowing metabolism means men of all ages are at an increased risk of developing this unfavourable physical appearance. Luckily, the solution can be simple and easy but takes discipline and planning in order to destroy them for good.

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The 3 things that will help you on how to get rid of man boobs, and how to do it!

Diet and healthy eating

First up, Diet. What we eat heavily impacts the likelihood of developing man boobs. In one aspect, man boobs are simply an increase in overall body fat. As such, if we decrease our overall body fat, the chances of having man boobs decreases too. Due to the fact that we cannot ‘spot lose’ weight or fat in any particular area, another positive aspect to decreasing our body fat is the removal of our gut fat and fat around our legs!

To lose weight and body fat at a good maintainable rate, we need to consistently be in a calorie deficit. This means we need to consume less food than we burn. However, this doesn’t mean we need to be hungry all the time. Quality snacks and meals on a consistent basis can keep that hunger at bay.

Think healthy snacks such as;

  • An apple
  • A medium banana
  • Carrot and Celery sticks with hummus
  • Low carb wrap with ham, lettuce & tomato

While dieting is usually utilised to achieve weight and fat loss, a bonus perk is an increase in hormonal levels such as testosterone. Examples of healthy balanced foods that boost testosterone include tuna, shellfish, low-fat milk and beef. Incorporating these foods regularly while maintaining a calorie deficit can boost your testosterone. This is important when it comes to ditching those man boobs, because testosterone aids in decreasing body fat, increasing metabolic rate and facilitating muscle growth.

If you can, avoid eating processed foods that decrease testosterone such as;

  • Breads
  • Pastries
  • Soy products like tofu
  • High sugar foods and sweets

Training and workout ideas

Behind diet one of the effective ways on how to get rid of man boobs is exercise is the second most important part of destroying those man boobs. To do this, choose exercises that target the chest most efficiently.

Weight training; Choosing big compound movements like a barbell bench press can massively increase your muscle tone and size. If we increase the muscle underneath our fat, we’ll develop more tone, definition and aid fat loss. Compound movements work multiple muscle groups at once, meaning your body will work more efficiently, increasing the calorie burn of the workout.

Movements to definitely include are:

  • Barbell Bench press
  • Pushups
  • Deadlifts
  • Barbell military press

Building up solid chest muscles isn’t the only exercise option for reducing man boobs. We need to get into our cardio, picking up a good sweat to kickstart the fat loss process. Aerobic exercises increase cardiovascular health and assist in speeding up metabolism, which is important for helping us burn calories, decrease body fat and in turn crushing our man boobs.

Cardio exercises include;

  • Treadmill or outdoor running
  • Boxing
  • Rowing
  • Cycling
  • Stair climbing

Outside of typical cardio exercises, we can incorporate higher intensity workouts into our training programs to get the same effect. High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts focus on maximum effort for a certain duration followed by a short rest to heighten energy expenditure. With this approach, there is a large degree of flexibility and freedom with exercise choice.

An example of a high interval training workout would look something like:

40 sec on, 20 sec off x 6 rounds

  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Jump squats
  • Burpees
  • Jumping jacks
  • Skipping

Total of 36 minutes

Consistency, consistency, consistency

While diet and exercise are important, consistency in both aspects and lifestyle is critical. The occasional spot of good dieting or the occasional gym session won’t be good enough. You’ll need to find a way to incorporate both into your routine the majority of the time. So plan your food choices and meals, plan when you can get into the gym or exercise, and over a period of time, you’ll experience long-lasting benefits – goodbye man boobs!

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written by:

Ed Stephenson

Ed is The Healthy Man's Trainer and Ambassador, he has 7 years of experience in the fitness industry. His qualifications include a Certificate III, Certificate IV in Fitness, with a Certificate in Nutrition. He's here to help men get fit, lose weight and gain strength through exercise, nutrition and making the right decisions.