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How to not diet and still lose weight with these weight loss tips

We’ve all heard the term “diets don’t work” and this is actually true because most diets in the market are short-term and therefore shortsighted. Weight loss tips that help you lose weight and keep it off need to involve long term and sustainable actions that will not only help you drop the kilos but also get into new healthier habits that will keep it off.

We want to offer some weight loss tips that will not only help you lose weight but do it without falling into the short term traps that come with fad diets.

weight loss tips
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

10 weight loss tips to help you lose weight without dieting

When you want to lose weight you’ll likely find multiple information sources that tell you that this diet or that diet is the key to weight loss success, but have you ever wondered how not to diet and still lose weight? If so we have some top tips to help you avoid the draw of diets and enjoy sustained weight loss and health changes.

Eat fewer calories than you burn

meal replacement shake

The number one weight loss tip to help you drop the kilos to make sure it’s in a healthy and sustainable way is to eat fewer calories than you burn. Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the number of calories you’d burn if you stayed in bed all day.

This is an important number to know, firstly so you’re aware of how much you can eat and still lose weight, and secondly, so you know how much you must eat to stay healthy – you must never eat below your BMR calories, as this can send your body into energy-conserving starvation mode.

To help calculate how you can eat fewer calories than you burn for your specific weight loss goals calculate your BMI and BMR to build a meal plan.

Stay hydrated – but watch the sugar

fruit water

Sometimes when you’re out and about and on the go, with a trusty water bottle in hand, it’s easy to remember to keep your water intake up.

Water is an integral part of weight loss, flushing out our system and keeping our digestive system in good shape. We can sometimes, however, reach for a sugary drink when we’re thirsty so it’s best to limit or avoid these as they can pack on the calories without you knowing it.

Drinks such as soft drinks, sports drinks or sugar-filled coffee drinks can all put your calories above what you need to lose weight in a single glass.

Keep your water bottle next to you and every time you feel like opening the fridge or grabbing a snack, take a big gulp of water. Water can help you stop overeating as we sometimes mistake hunger for thirst. Grab a 2-litre water bottle and try to get through it during the day so you know how much you’ve drunk.

If you struggle to keep up with your water intake here are some tips to help.

Get enough sleep

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

According to research, if your body isn’t receiving enough sleep, hunger cravings and mood disruptions can occur more frequently.

Getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night can increase a person’s risk of being overweight or obese, now some lifestyles mean that getting a full 8 hours is hard but even a small increase in sleep can help.

Simply heading to bed just 10 minutes earlier can help your overall sleep patterns, keep you on track with your goals and improve how you feel during the hours you are awake.

Eat breakfast

vanilla honey smoothie recipe

You need the energy to fire up your metabolism and brain in the morning. If you do not have breakfast, it is more likely you will eat something less better-for-you sooner than later as you will not be satisfied by a filling breakfast.

Experts found that filling up first thing could help boost metabolism, through a process known as diet-induced thermogenesis (DIT). If you haven’t meal prepped or are looking for a fast but filling breakfast option use The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake. Not only will you get a load of vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to help keep you healthy it will also keep you feeling full until your next meal.

Plan and prep meals ahead of time

weight loss meal plan for men

Spending a little bit of time on a meal plan will help so much during the week. If you’ve made a plan for healthy meals and snacks for the week, done the shopping and even got ahead with some meal prep on the weekend, you are so much more likely to stick to it!

Don’t forget to plan for healthy snacks. Eating the wrong snacks can easily de-rail weight loss success.

Read more about the benefits of a weight loss meal plan for men.

Eat more protein, fibre and good fats

Protein, fibre and good fats such as fish oil, avocado etc will help you maintain that feeling of being full for longer which means you won’t be grabbing for those fast and usually unhealthy snacks. Including at least one of these types of foods at each meal will keep you full throughout the day.

Some ideas of what you can include are:

  • Eggs and yoghurt as breakfast or snack options.
  • Lean meats in lunch and dinner meals.
  • Sweet potato or brown rice.

If you don’t eat meat or dairy, there are several vegetarian sources of protein, such as beans, legumes, and nuts.

Exercise for weight loss

Exercise isn’t always necessary for weight loss but in order to maintain a healthy body, it’s best to make sure you keep your body moving and what list of weight loss tips would miss out on including exercise. There are some exercise types that are more suitable for weight loss than others.

These can include:

  • High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Cardio
  • Interval Training
  • Strength Training.

If you’re not sure where to start check out our trainer Ed’s blogs to help with what to do to target different areas or for overall health.

Build a balanced plate

weight loss tips

Eating the right foods is in each meal will help you keep on track when you want to lose weight. Trying to balance all the relevant foods on your plate in each meal may not be possible but making small changes at each meal like swapping white potatoes or other processed carbs with sweet potato or a healthier carb will help. Each small change will build up to see results and changes in your weight loss.

When it comes to weight loss tips, eating a balanced diet has been the number one tip offered forever. The balance of what you need may have changed over the years depending on nutritional dietary information changing but it’s all about balancing what you eat.

Reduce stress or emotional triggers

Photo by Kelvin Valerio from Pexels

This is probably one of the most important weight loss tips because once you recognise and remove or avoid stress triggers you’re less likely to fall off the weight-loss wagon.

If you have certain people or situations that lead to poor food choices, it’s time to make some changes. If you always grab Chinese with a colleague for lunch or always head to a café for a chocolate mud cake with a girlfriend – you need to nip those bad habits in the bud right away.

Make suggestions for healthier options – why not take turns bringing in a healthy lunch for you and your colleague?

It’s important to notice the triggers that lead to poor choices, and then turning them on their head so that they are no longer an issue

Don’t deny yourself

Image by Hier und jetzt endet leider meine Reise auf Pixabay aber from Pixabay

One thing that we all often struggle with when trying to lose weight is saying goodbye to foods we love. But we don’t believe in denying yourself any food, it’s all about moderation.

If you really want to understand how not to diet it’s by not restricting yourself from enjoying food, if you restrict food from your diet without a health reason (diabetes, high cholesterol or allergies) it makes that food or ingredient somewhat more attractive because it’s seen as “bad”.

Everything can be enjoyed in moderation, we’re not saying you should continue your daily 2-litre soft drink habit, but when you’re out having dinner with the family or enjoying a BBQ at home it won’t hurt you to enjoy a glass or two. Beer would be one thing that if you cut it out of your diet you’ll see likely some great results but in reality, there is no reason you can’t still enjoy a beer after a tough day at work especially if you choose a more calorie positive beer.

Another weight loss tip is to work The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake into your meal plan

It’s the perfect low-calorie meal replacement for busy blokes wanting to boost weight loss and improve overall health. It’s full of whey and soy protein which means it’ll leave you feeling full and satisfied and keep you going till your next meal.

If you want to shift some kilo’s, look no further than The Healthy Man’s Meal Replacement!

The Healthy Man Meal Replacement Shake is available in Chocolate and Vanilla and will:-

  • Enhance fat-burning ability
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  • Reduce beer belly
  • Increase muscle strength

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The Healthy Man Super Greens packs a massive nutritional punch containing over 37 real food and quality superfood ingredients including:

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