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Study reveals a particular spice can help pep up your sperm!

A study from the UK has revealed a spice found in certain curries such as jalfrezis and vindaloos can improve men’s fertility.

The spice in question? Fenugreek seeds and leaves! Which are often used as herbs and spices in Indian, North African, and Middle Eastern cuisine.


Spice up your sperm with this popular spice

In the study run by King George’s Medical University, 100 men aged 35 to 65 were given a 500g dose of Furosap, a supplement made from Fenugreek seeds, for three months.

By the eighth week, the research team had seen a significant increase in the movement in the men’s sperm. And by the end of the study, the men reported increased sex drive, mental alertness and heart health.

According to, one in nine Australian couples of reproductive age experiences fertility problems. About two in five have fertility issues due to the man’s sperm.

The King George’s Medical University team in Lucknow, India, said: “Furosap is safe and effective in improving testosterone levels and healthy sperm profile.”

And it’s not just the men who benefit from the boost this spice gives. Fenugreek seed extract has previously improved sexual function in healthy menstruating women.

Incorporate this fun spice into your dishes by adding fresh and dried fenugreek leaves to finish dishes like sauces, curries, vegetable dishes, and soups. There are many options to help with fenugreek seeds that can be used whole or ground. They are often used in spice blends such as garam masala, panch phoran (Indian five-spice), or dry rubs for meat.

More about fenugreek

Wondered where you can get fenugreek? Well, the good news is, it’s a common household spice that is very easily grown in your garden.

The seeds are very simple to get hold of. Just scan the spice section of your local supermarket and you’ll get a canister of hundreds of them for very cheap.

Once you get home, you can sprinkle them over a patch of well-drained soil in full sun, rake over, water in well and you are all set.

Ways fenugreek can support your health

  • Reduce the risk of diabetes type 2
  • Aid with weight loss
  • Raise testosterone and boost sperm count
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Lower the risk of heart and blood pressure conditions

How you can include fenugreek in your diet

  • It adds a distinctive exotic flavour to curries, soups and stew recipes. It also goes well in slow-cooked Eastern and Middle Eastern dishes and casseroles
  • Can also be made into a tea or can be bought in your local grocer as ready-made tea.
  • Or it can be added to our Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake.

Fenugreek and weight loss

Recent research suggests that it can increase satiety and control appetite to support weight loss.

A recent study published in PubMed revealed that 8 grams of fenugreek fibre eaten daily increased feelings of fullness and reduced hunger and food intake, compared to a control group.

Experts concluded that the fenugreek seed can significantly decrease daily fat consumption.

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