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Onions for weight loss? Science says yes!

If you’ve been looking for natural ways to shed some kilos, the solution is right in your kitchen – it’s the onion! Onions for weight loss? Yes, a recent study suggests onions might be able to help fight against visceral fat thanks to a potent polyphenol flavonoid called quercetin.

It’s easy to take for granted a vegetable that has been cultivated for at least 5,500 years. The onion is a utility veggie that rarely gets the glory; it’s the part of a recipe that your eyes skim over.

onions for weight loss

Why you should use onions for weight loss according to science!

According to scientists at Hokkaido Information University in Japan, onions contain an abundant supply of a flavonoid called quercetin. This flavonoid exhibits antioxidant and antihypertensive effects and can also help combat excessive visceral fat. Which is the harmful kind that wraps around your abdominal organs.

In the study, subjects were given 9g of onion powder per day for 12 weeks and maintained their usual diet and exercise. The subject’s lipoprotein cholesterol was measured at the start and end of the 12 weeks. The scientists found that those with low levels of the good high-density lipoprotein cholesterol were found to have less visceral fat build-up. Along with the benefits they found with onions for weight loss, there was also benefits in the liver function in those that took the onion powder.

These results led the authors to conclude that the humble onion is beneficial for preventing obesity. So the next time you’re crying from this root vegetable, remember that you’re enjoying the onions for weight loss and be grateful for the tasty ingredient.

The benefits of onions don’t end there, with other studies revealing the layers of benefits that can be found. Along with eating onions for weight loss, you can also be glad they can also help reduce symptoms of bladder infections. For men worried about their prostate and their weight, the good news is not only should you enjoy onions for weight loss but also for prostate health.

Low blood pressure may also be one of the layers of benefits of onions. Some studies suggest that there are some anti-cancer properties in onions.

Ensure you don’t peel off the layers of goodness, though. A study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found the highest levels of the beneficial flavonoids in the outer layers of onion flesh. So to get the most benefits of onions for weight loss, you’ll want to remove as little as possible of the edible part when peeling.

Other power plants that can work like onions for weight loss

onions for weight loss

The benefits of onions for weight loss have been shown in these studies thanks to the flavonoids they contain. But they aren’t the only plant chemicals that have exciting benefits.

Here are three more plant chemicals that work like onions for weight loss or have other health benefits and where to find them:


Benefits: better heart health and blood sugar management.

Where to find: peanuts, pistachios, blueberries, cocoa, red wine.

An idea for use: Combine dried fruit, nuts and chocolate for pre-gym energy.


Benefits: pain relief, reduced anxiety and depression.

Where to find: turmeric.

An idea for use: Whisk a helping of the powder into your scrambled eggs. Black pepper will ensure absorption.


Benefits: an anti-obesity and possible anti-cancer effect.

Where to find: cruciferous veg, spinach, potatoes, tomatoes.

An idea for use: Batch cook a winter soup of kale, tomato and white beans.

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