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Top 10 gifts to get your lover this Valentines Day!

Yep, it’s that time of year again, it seems like time moves faster and faster. No sooner have we finished celebrating the New Year and it’s time for the hearts and flowers and chocolate and love that is Valentines Day!

Having likely already used your best gift ideas at Christmas, you may be feeling the pressure to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. We’ve collected some of our favourite gift ideas to help you show your love how much you love them.
Valentines day

10 Valentines Day gifts that are sure to make her swoon

1. Something for those with a sweet tooth

Valentines day

This is a Valentines Day classic but the reason it’s a classic is because it never fails to make her smile! You could stick to the tried and true box of chocolates because you never know what you’re gonna get or some sweet candy hearts that say what you want to.

If you want to try something different why not get a bouquet of chocolate or mix in a more healthy option with chocolate-dipped strawberries.

2. Pamper products from Healthy Mummy Skin

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From face masks to moisturisers to serums and smoothie boosters, there’s something in The Healthy Mummy Skin range that will make any woman feel her best.

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3. Pamper session at the spa to give her some relaxation

Have the pampering go a little further with a full day of all sorts of pampering at a local spa! From massages to soaks to a hot stone treatment, make sure she has a full day of heavenly treatments that leaves her relaxed and rested.

4. Help for the health-conscious lady in your life

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

If she’s looking to lose weight, get fit or even just wants to maintain the healthy lifestyle she currently has there are some great gift ideas that will help support her. You can get some new workout clothes, weights or other workout gear or even a subscription to The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Show that you support all her health goals by getting her something that will help her.

5. For the lady that loves a nice drink

valentines day

Whether she likes a little wine with dinner or that special cocktail as a weekend treat with the girls getting her a nice selection of fancy drinks is the right gift. You could get a 12 pack of specialty wines or a cocktail gift pack or even just a nice bottle of their favourite spirit she’ll love the thought if you choose something she really loves.

6. Brighten up her day with a flourish of flowers

Photo by Valeria Boltneva

Another classic Valentines Day gift is a beautiful bunch of flowers. Most men will resort to the classic red roses but if you really want to make your lady feel special why not get her a bunch of her favourite flowers, now these may still be red roses or they could be Lillies or tulips or something completely different. Doing this will show you truly know her and listen when she tells you.

Another idea could be to get her flower subscription where she’ll get a new fresh bunch of beautiful flowers every month delivered to her door, this way she’ll be reminded every month just how much you love her.

7. Help her show off her sparkle with jewellery

Every woman loves a little sparkle in their life and whether it’s a beautiful necklace or a new charm for that beloved Pandora bracelet jewellery is always a great gift option. Another of the classic Valentines day gifts you can rarely go wrong getting some jewellery.

You can usually also find something beautiful that fits any budget plus there is also a lot of sales around to get a bargain. So what are you waiting for get that lady something shiny!

8. Get the kids involved for something fun!

What better way to show the woman you love how much you love them than by designing a personalised mug, calendar, book, pillow or one of the millions of other projects you can create with Vistaprint. Why not get the kids involved in the design process or just get them to draw a unique design to use, how amazing would a mug with your kid’s drawings on them be!

These will not only be useful gifts but also gorgeous mementos of your lives and love together. There is nothing a woman loves more than when you put in a little extra effort.

9. When she looks her best she feels her best, so help her keep herself together

There is barely a woman on earth that doesn’t want the Dyson Airwrap, with the multiple attachments to help her dry her hair, curl it, straighten or style it any way she like. If your lady loves getting glammed up for a night with the girls or just to head to the store then she will love this Valentines Day gift.

10. When you want her to choose her gift herself, a Healthy Mummy gift card


Sometimes, it is hard to find a perfect gift for the people we love the most. If you are still looking for a present that will put a smile on your special someone’s face, why not consider The Healthy Mummy Gift Card.

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