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This bloke is well on his way to tackling his weight loss goals with the Healthy Man Meal Replacement

Justin Fulford has committed to changing his lifestyle in a bid to lose weight and overcome some health issues. He has embraced the Healthy Man Meal Replacement by having one for breakfast every morning and has already lost 2 kilos dropping down to 116.6kg.

Go Justin!

Justin 35 from Weir Views in Victoria admits to being unhappy with his current health and that by being overweight struggles with day to day tasks.

“I’m definitely not happy with how my health is at the moment. The things I’d like to change are my weight and my lack of motivation.”

Until very recently, Justin’s diet consisted of a lot of processed foods and takeaway and a habit to binge eat.

“I have yo-yo dieted for as long as I can remember. So my lifestyle has constantly been up and down in terms of being healthy.”

“I’d like to be more active and lead a healthier lifestyle so that I can show my kids how to be healthy and happy.”

Adding The Healthy Man Meal Replacement into his morning breakfast routine is helping Justin tackle his weight and get on top of his health goals and he’s already lost weight.

“It helps on my workdays as it’s convenient and I can just shake it up in a shaker and know that I am fueling my body with all the good stuff with the shake of a cup instead of skipping breakfast.

The convenience is a big winner for me as I’m always in a rush to get to work and it’s so quick and easy to mix up also.

It has a nice thick and creamy consistency, there isn’t that horrible artificial sweetener aftertaste that some smoothies or protein powders have. It tastes just like chocolate milk and is really delicious and satisfying.”

Along with the weight loss, by ensuring he’s getting a good nutritional hit from the Healthy Man Meal Replacement, Justin has also found his stamina has increased and his hair and skin are improving.

I’d recommend it to anyone”

“It’s a nutritious, easy and convenient meal that would make any busy guys life that little bit easier. Especially in the mornings if you like your sleep like me as it’s super quick to shake up and drink on the run.”

Want to get on top of your health goals? The Healthy Man Meal Replacement can help!

The Healthy Man Meal Replacement Drink is scientifically formulated especially for men to help support their health, vitality, nutrition and weight loss. It’s available in Chocolate or Vanilla.

  • Scientifically formulated Meal replacement shake designed especially for men
  • High-quality whey protein, 22.4g per serve, when made up with skim milk
  • An essential blend of nutrients copper, selenium and a good source of zinc for hair colouration, and biotin for hair maintenance, supporting men’s hair health
  • Protein and fibre to keep you fuller for longer
  • Supports strength, vitality and energy 
  • Contributes to weight loss – banish the beer gut!
  • 24 vitamins and minerals 
  • Probiotics to support gut health
  • Tomato (Lycopene) for heart and prostate health
  • Contains a specialised blend for men; Green tea extract, Maca root powder, MCT, to kick start your day and workout properly
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Quick and easy to make for on-the-go consumption
  • No added sugar – sweetened naturally, no sucralose

Find out more and get your tub of The Healthy Man Meal Replacement here

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