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What Are Macros For Weight Loss

You’re trying to lose weight, but you need to know where to start. If you have searched for ways to lose weight, you have likely come across the term ‘counting your macros’. Learning the answer to ‘What are macros for weight loss?’ can be tricky to grasp when you’re starting out.

Macronutrients such as carbohydrates, fat, and protein are all sources of calories or energy, and each have unique properties that influence your health.[1] Your body typically requires large quantities of macronutrients to sustain itself, so the appropriate balance of macronutrients for weight maintenance has been debated over the years.

Mosh connects you with doctors who can help you understand the importance of macros and how they affect your diet. Along with professional advice for any weight loss questions you may have, Mosh also offers customers quality subscription-based products and services that ensure their weight loss goals are met, including weight loss medication, diet plans and meal replacement shakes if our doctors recommend them. 

What are the ways to lose weight?

There are different yet effective methods to lose weight. There is no universal solution to weight loss, so what works for one person might not work for you. But in general, the two most common ways you can lose weight are through dieting and exercise. Diets work primarily by reducing your macronutrient intake or placing your body in a calorie deficit, while exercise helps maintain your lean muscle and burn additional calories.

Food and diet

Making adjustments to your diet or being more conscious of the foods you consume is another common and effective way to lose weight. However, it can depend on factors like age, health, and food options. In general, if you limit your intake of sugary drinks, processed junk food, and alcohol, you will be taking the right steps towards losing weight. Consult your doctor or dietician to get answers to questions you may have, like ‘What are macros for weight loss?’ or ‘How to exercise to lose weight?


It is generally recommended that adults engage in 2.5 to 5 hours of moderate intensity physical activity per week.[1] If you want to lose weight through exercise, it is recommended to find a combination of cardio and resistance or strength training to build muscle mass, which can supplement your weight loss. 

Evidence-based treatments

While seeking medical advice for important questions like ‘What are macros for weight loss?’ is the best course of action for anyone taking control of their weight loss, it still may not be enough for some. At Mosh, we take your lifestyle, medical history, and a wide range of other factors into account before recommending any treatments, like the best mens weight loss shakes and medical plans for your body’s requirements, if they’re needed. 

How do I determine my macros?

After learning the answer to ‘What are macros for weight loss?’ you can then evaluate your macronutrients by calculating your overall calorie intake. This can be done by tracking the amount and types of food you consume and their caloric value. Counting your calories and macros can help you visualise tangible and manageable weight loss goals, which is one of the most effective ways to keep track of your weight.

Nowadays, counting your macros with an application is often easier than doing so manually and worrying about the details, but these are the steps you should follow when counting your macronutrients:

  • Identify the calories you need to consume daily to gain, maintain, or lose weight based on your current weight, gender, height, age, and target weight.
  • Decide what macronutrient ratio you want to consume each day based on the above information.
  • Multiply your daily caloric requirement by the percentages of macros you’ve selected.
  • Divide your calorie amounts by their calorie-per-gram number.

If you ever need help determining your macros or generally need help understanding ‘What are macros for weight loss?’ among other questions like ‘What foods burn fat?’ or ‘What is fat loss?’ we encourage you to connect with Mosh today. 

What are the benefits of following a macro diet for weight loss?

The primary use of creating and following a personalised macro diet is that it helps you sustain a consistent and objectively balanced diet, thereby aiding your weight loss efforts, while also breaking down what types and quantities of essential nutrients are missing from your diet and how to amend that.[2]

To achieve the results you want after learning the answer to ‘What are macros for weight loss?’ it is crucial to talk to your Mosh doctor, as each person has a unique body with specific needs. They will take into consideration any dietary restrictions that you may have and work with you to develop consistent and sustainable eating habits. Moreover, if you are ever recommended one of our products, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to stock up thanks to our subscription service – we will make sure you stay on track. 

Of course, you don’t have to accept any of our recommendations or treatments if you don’t think they’ll fit with the goals you have in mind. Mosh will still support you in other ways to ensure you achieve your weight loss objectives. 

If you ever have questions like ‘Fruits that are good for weight loss?’ you can look to Mosh doctors to help you determine what your body needs.

What is the best macro ratio for losing weight?

Choosing the best macronutrient ratio for losing weight requires adjusting these ratios according to your specific dietary requirements, weight goals, gender, age, and physical activity, along with your doctor’s recommendations.  Generally, it is recommended to ratio your macronutrients as follows:

  • Approximately 45% to 65% of total calories come from carbohydrates;
  • 20% to 35% of total calories come from fat; and
  • 15% to 25% of total calories come from protein.[3]

Whether you want to lose weight or be more health conscious, we encourage you to consult a doctor or dietician you trust. If you are not satisfied with your Mosh doctor, then you can look through our network of AHPRA-registered doctors to find one that meets your needs.

Count Your Macros With Mosh

Regardless of whether you have questions like ‘What to eat to lose weight?’ or ‘How to calculate body fat?’ Mosh is dedicated to helping our members understand their bodies and overall well-being better. We strive to make your health more accessible and assistance more convenient so that you can achieve the results that you deserve.

At Mosh our doctors help you understand what are macros for weight loss and how a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is the key to losing weight. Talk to a Mosh doctor today. 





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