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These blokes are transforming their health and losing weight with The Healthy Man 

We’ve been getting some amazing feedback and seeing great weight loss results from men who’ve been using The Healthy Man Meal Replacement, The Healthy Man Super Greens and our range of eBooks.

These blokes have been using Healthy Man products for just 4 weeks! Check how they have transformed their health and their lives.

Transforming their health and seeing weight loss results these men are loving life

Graham Duckworth

Graham is a 33-year-old dad from NSW who has been loving the exercises and the recipes in The Healthy Man eBook. In just a month since using the ebook he has dropped 2 kg weight loss.

The Healthy Man eBook has been a great resource to give me some exercises that are manageable and easy to fit into my day, without paying for a gym membership. The recipes have been a hit with all the family and haven’t felt like I was on a diet at all.”

He also found including The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake into his routine super simple and it helped him not skip breakfast.

“The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shakes have been quick and easy to make in the morning to take on my way to work, making sure I don’t skip breakfast like I often used to. This is definitely an easy lifestyle I can continue with every day.”

No longer skipping breakfast and finding himself more alert and productive Graham loves including The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake and Super Greens in his everyday routine.

“’I used to be a breakfast skipper, and then often get so busy at work I’d forget to have lunch as well. Since starting The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shakes I’ll have one for breakfast and lunch. They are quick and easy to make and ensure I don’t skip a meal.

I find I am more alert and productive, and don’t have an afternoon slump anymore, which is also helped by The Healthy Man Super Greens powder I’ve recently started. I have definitely reduced my overeating at night and my pants are starting to fall off me now!’

Adrian Crellin

Adrian is from Victoria and is extremely grateful to have found The Healthy Man, not only because it’s helped his weight loss of 2 kg but also because he now has more energy to enjoy his family.

“I’m so grateful for being introduced to The Healthy Man products by a friend, I finished up 2kg’s lighter from 92.2kg’s to 90 kg’s but have unbelievable amounts of energy left at the end of the day to enjoy with my family.

I look forward to using these products for the future.”

Being an early riser led Adrian to skip breakfast every day but now he’s able to enjoy a Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake and kick off the day right.

“As I’m an early riser I tend to skip breakfast each and every day, but with The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shakes they really kick start my day off with a BANG !!!!!!! And I don’t need a thing until I have another The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake at lunchtime to get me through the day without a worry in the world…… absolutely love these shakes.”

“Oh, and as an extra boost after I finish work for the day I grab my glass of The Healthy Man Super Greens.”

Jimmy Denning

Jimmy is a 39-year-old dad from NSW who previously thought weight loss needed to be something you did fast. Since he’s been using the exercises and recipes from our 28 Day Fitness Challenge eBook he’s realised that consistency is key.

“I’ve really enjoyed The 28 Day Fitness Challenge ebook with all the easy to make recipes as well as easy to understand exercises, this journey has shown me that weight loss doesn’t have to be rushed as it’s more about creating new habits.”

This realisation has helped him be happy with his progress of 1 kg lost in a month as this will get him to his goal of losing 12kgs lost in a year.

“I’m happy with a 1-kilo loss a month as it means I don’t have to give up on everything I enjoy just cut back a little. Over a year if this momentum keeps on going I’m looking at a 12kg loss so I’m happy with that scenario. The eBook has given me the tools to succeed like recipes for healthy satisfying meals that I pair with The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake which together will help me conquer my goals.”

After trying other meal replacement shakes previously Jimmy feels he’s found the one for him.

“I’ve tried various meal replacement shakes in the past though I’ve found my forever shake with the healthy man shakes, no feeling of bloat or cramps compared to others I’ve tried, I replace one or two meals per day or even use the shake when a snack attack happens, I mix with milk and/or water and I’m very satisfied to go about my day.”

David Barrett

David is a 37-year-old Victorian dad who is loving his new lifestyle especially as it’s gotten his wife and kids involved in making some yummy treats. He’s also loving that he’s already lost 2.85kg.

“The 7-day meal plan eBook includes great food and it helps to see an idea of what to eat. I actually followed this plan as close as I could for the first week. I was lucky enough that my wife and kids did some of the baking and we cooked most of the dinners, just changing the days around a bit.”

David did have one piece of feedback about the plan in terms of men who work full time and may not be able to cook for lunch but overall loved it.

“My main comment is to consider revising or creating a new plan for men working full time, as you don’t tend to have the ability to cook food for lunch. My suggestion would be recipes which can be prepared ahead of time.”

He f0und The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake a great way to start the day either with water or milk or even adding some fruit for something extra.

“The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake I find is a great way to start the day. Tastes great with milk or water on the days you do not feel like something heavy. It’s also great to chuck in the blender with some banana, peanut butter, oats or The Healthy Man Super Greens when you want something different and it keeps you going for the morning.”

“The Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake is the best tasting shake I have tried, especially since it has no chemical flavour. My wife is disappointed that her shakes don’t taste as good!”

David has switched his usual cordial with some Healthy Man Super Greens and loving it!

The Healthy Man Super Greens are great to give you some extra energy and adds some more greens to your diet, which is always good. Surprisingly, they taste good and are definitely a better option than the cordial I normally drink.”

We love seeing men enjoying and benefiting from The Healthy Man and can’t wait to see all these men continue to kick their health goals.

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