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Food that can help improve gut health

Gut health… do you think about what you’re eating?

If you’re worried about your expanding waist or feel like you’re constantly suffering from beer bloat (but without drinking any beer), then it may be a sign you need to look at what you’re eating.

Reducing the amount of processed, high-sugar, high-fat foods can help contribute to better gut health. Plus, a diet high in fibre, as well as drinking lots of water, helps with constipation.

However, an overall lifestyle shift, including a combination of diet, exercise and reducing stress, is usually needed to improve gut health, which is linked to weight loss, for most of us.

Food you can try to help improve your gut health



As a general rule, adult men aged over 19 should aim for around 2.6 litres of water per day or 10 cups.

Greek yoghurt

Food that can help improve gut health

The good bacteria is beneficial for your gut flora.

Chia seeds

Food that can help improve gut health

High in fibre and protein, they act as an intestinal broom to give everything a clear out.

Apple cider vinegar

Food that can help improve gut health

Known for stimulating the digestion, this is easily added to your salads as a dressing with some olive oil.


Food that can help improve gut health

A source of protein, it also helps repair the gut lining.


Food that can help improve gut health

Fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir and miso are an easy way to support gut health.


Food that can help improve gut health

This fruit is high in fibre to support digestion, potassium and electrolytes to keep you firing on all cylinders.

Try our Ban-illa Smoothie Recipe here


Food that can help improve gut health

Ginger is said to help you digest your food.

Simple ways to improve your gut health:

  1. Cut down on processed foods as they tend to include many ingredients that can upset your stomach.
  2. Cut down on sugar (in its many disguises) as it is an inflammatory food.
  3. Ensure you have plenty of fibre to flush things out and keep regular.
  4. Consider your use of antibiotics as they kill off both good and bad bugs.
  5. Drink plenty of water to flush your system out and help your body produce waste.
  6. Boost your immunity.

This bloke has lost 5kg in 6 weeks and improved his gut health

Jimmy Lokeni from Sydney has lost five kilos in just six weeks and is well on his way to getting to his goal weight.

Weight Loss Results – 5 kilos in 6 weeks

“My starting weight was 130 kilo and I’m now at 125 kilos.”

With his goal weight of 100 kilos, Jimmy has found he has loads more energy and is not craving sweets and chips as much as he was. He’s also found in the 6 weeks he has been using the Healthy Man Meal Replacement he has better gut health and better mental health too.

“I want to continue to lose weight, get fitter, stronger, healthier feel comfortable in clothes again for myself and be around for my family and to be active with my two kids.”

Jimmy uses the chocolate flavour for breakfast every morning and has a vanilla flavour as an afternoon snack.

“It’s so convenient”

Part of the reason Jimmy has found it so easy to make the meal replacement part of his daily routine is its convenience.

“It’s so easy for myself to get ready every night for the next day and easy enough to grab and go if I forget. I find it convenient as I’m not skipping breakfast. It’s smooth and filling and keeps me on track and feeling full keeps the cravings away.”

Jimmy is more than happy to recommend The Healthy Man Meal Replacement to others!

“I definitely would recommend them and even have gifted tubs to family members as I believe is a great product and company.”

Have you tried the Healthy Man Meal Replacement?

It’s the perfect low-calorie meal replacement for busy blokes wanting to boost weight loss and improve overall health. It’s full of whey and soy protein which means it’ll leave you feeling full and satisfied and keep you going till your next meal.

If you want to shift some kilo’s, look no further than The Healthy Man’s Meal Replacement!

The Healthy Man Meal Replacement Shake is available in Chocolate and Vanilla and will:-

  • Enhance fat-burning ability
  • Increase stamina
  • Improve gut health
  • Increase energy, vitality and overall health
  • Reduce beer belly
  • Increase muscle strength

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