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Is there a link between foods we eat and hair loss?

By Mark Surdut APD AN

The most common cause of hair loss us blokes experience is called Androgenetic Alopecia. 40% of men at age 40 experience this hair loss. Most men with this condition have a family history of the same problem.

Hair and Nutrition – what’s the connection?

I discovered the connection between hair and nutrition at the start of my career (sometime in the previous century). I was studying the nutritional resuscitation of starving children in South Africa. The particular form of malnutrition that was quite common among very poor kids was called Kwashiorkor – a form of protein malnutrition.

Simply put: not enough protein – malnutrition – sickness/infection/ disease. One of the most striking features was their brittle hair (which also changed colour, becoming orange-like). Touching the hair, it would literally snap between the fingers.

Yup, poor nutrition certainly affects our hair. The link between certain nutrients and hair is complex. Some nutrients in foods do impact on our hair (or lack thereof). The focus should be on good foods rather than large doses of specific nutrients.

Getting enough of the right nutrients

Large doses of certain vitamins can actually prove UNhelpful. Iron deficiency is one well-known cause of hair loss. Ensuring a good amount of iron may help support hair. Iron-rich foods include meats, fish, legumes and nuts. Spinach is rich in iron but also rich in a chemical that blocks the iron from being absorbed by the body. Iron uptake is improved by vitamin C, so be sure to combine some veggies like capsicum, tomato and broccoli, all high in Vit C, with your meat or fish meals.

Zinc is another mineral that may maintain the integrity of the hair follicles. Sources of this mineral include oysters (really rich in zinc!), beef steaks, lentils and nuts. You should all be familiar with the benefits of omega 3 oils, but did you know that omega 3 oils may promote hair growth too. Fish is king! Oily fish like salmon, sardines and trout.

Vitamin D deficiency is super-common (get yourself tested) and supplementing even with low levels can improve hair loss. Biotin is an element also necessary for hair growth, and although eggs are a good source, studies show that a deficiency of this element can occur from eating excessive amounts of raw egg whites. Yup, true. However, a couple of cooked eggs a day is well within normal limits.

Premature whitening may be caused by selenium and Vitamin B12 deficiency. B12 deficiency is commonly seen in vegans and they should have blood levels checked for deficiency.

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