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How to fit exercise into a busy schedule

Working or studying from home can have some advantages from an exercise plan point of view. But if you’re leaving the house for work every day, fitting in exercise into a busy schedule can be challenging.

It may be impossible for you to allocate hours at the gym every day, but there are a few ways you can up your incidental exercise without taking a heap of time out of your busy day.

how to fit exercise into a busy schedule

How to fit exercise into a busy schedule

Walk to work

how to fit exercise into a busy schedule

This may not be possible for all, but if you can manage a to get some walking in, or even get off a train or bus stop earlier than usual, or even park your car down the road walk, you will get a bit of extra mileage in your day. Wear your sneakers so that they are there with you for the rest of the day and change into your work shoes when you arrive.

Take a walking meeting

how to fit exercise into a busy schedule
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Next time you have a one on one meeting why don’t you suggest that it is a walking one, you could even do this for your next video call. The meeting may be for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour. Think how much exercise you will get. Plus when you get walking and your blood pumping, some super ideas may pop into your mind and your boss will love you for it.

Lunchtime exercise

how to fit exercise into a busy schedule
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Now that you have walked to work or had a walking meeting your sneakers are already there to have a walking lunch. This doesn’t mean walking and eating, but if you have the liberty of taking an hour lunch break, use it wisely. Don’t check Facebook but go for a 20-minute walk, come back in and have your lunch.

Take the stairs

workouts for busy schedule
Photo by junx20 vmp4 on Unsplash

Now we have to preface this, check if there is a fire alarm when you open the door. As you don’t want to be trying to do one of your workouts for busy schedule and turn it into a drama for your whole building. If the stairs are safe (i.e. no alarms), get-a-walking to your office, to your meetings and to your colleague’s office rather than taking the elevator. Or if there is only one set of stairs, use them to go to a different bathroom or randomly get up during the day for some stair action.

Can’t think, problem solving is not actually solving…get up a move around and pump some blood around the body and to your brain. You can try some of these little tricks to give you inspiration. Don’t worry about the looks you may get…you are the one that will be healthier for it.

Use a pedometer

how to fit exercise into a busy schedule
Photo by Artur Łuczka on Unsplash

This is a perfect way to see how active you are during the day. If you’re sitting in front of the desk all day you only rack up about 2,500 steps a day. The aim is for most people is 10,000 steps. By wearing a pedometer, you’ll feel competitive with yourself to get the steps higher and higher.

Just because you have a busy schedule doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to include incremental exercise into your day, so when it comes to workouts for busy schedule it’s more about finding the small changes you can make. We hope these tips help those wondering how to fit exercise into a busy schedule especially if you’re leaving the house for work every day.

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