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10 Foods to Avoid for Weight loss

By Mark Surdut APD AN

Although a clean and balanced diet is the key to dropping weight and keeping it off too, sometimes we need a simple start-up approach to mop things up before we even get started.

Here are my 10 top-of-the-hit-parade mistakes you want to avoid making, as you enter the weight loss ring:

10  Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

1. Anything you know is a “trigger” food – one you have an unhealthy and uncontrollable relationship with. Meaning once you start, you can’t stop!

2. Iced coffees – or anything else masquerading as a ‘blokey’ health drink, while displaying the ingredient sugar as second in the list of ingredients.

3. Traditional white bread – an example of a nutritionally poor and high Glycaemic Index product that does NOT leave you feeling full.

4.  Any food you eat out on an empty tank – always have a light and healthy snack before heading out for a meal

5. Traditional potato crisps – high in both oil (the processed, unsavoury version!) and carbohydrates, and often addictive too.

6. Bringing a whole cake home – it’s irresistible – and you know you are going to finish it. So, buy a slice and share it, or a small cake shared between a few of you, leaves no leftovers.

7. Products labelled fat-free – Fat-free-labelled products (and often diet-labelled products too) are sure to be low in fat BUT HIGH IN SUGAR.

8. Energy drinks – As a general rule, they don’t turn you into an energetic sportsman, but rather a fat blob which, after experiencing a brief high, hits a hard low.

9. Lollies – stating the obvious, I guess.

10. Fast foods – commonly served with hot chips – you’ll order and eat the unnecessary fatty chips!

These top adjustments are only part of the losing weight kick start. Remember, the other basics that also need to be considered, like drinking plenty of water, moderating starchy “stodgy” foods, and including regular mealtimes.

And of course, moderation is key!

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