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The Healthy Man Meal Replacement has arrived! And Blokes love it!

Do you want to take control of your health and weight but haven’t known where to start? We have just the answer!

The Healthy Man Meal Replacement is a Brand New Product aimed specifically at men that will take you on a journey to better overall health and weight loss!

And what are blokes saying about it?

Jimmy Lokeni says, “I am excited The Healthy Man has arrived!  It tastes amazing and it’s great to try something made especially for me as a busy man.”

They are so easy to drink I’m surprised it’s not gritty. It’s smooth and creamy and not too sweet for my 5.30 am breakfast on the way to work – it’s a great convenience.”

James Petch says “I’ve recently started to exercise and try to get healthy so I’m more conscious of what I’ve been eating. This Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake is perfect for someone like me who is always in a rush but is trying to avoid unhealthy food options.”

He adds, “It tastes really good and was very filling, it kept me going till lunchtime. It’s great that it’s low calorie but has everything I need to keep me strong and my energy up.

I will definitely be adding The Healthy Man Meal Replacement to my daily routine!” 

Des Holt says, “I have tried other shakes before and was happy to give The Healthy Man a go. I was excited when it arrived, try it straight away.”

“It’s full of flavour, creamy and not gritty at all. I have one for breakfast at 5.30 am and it keeps me full all morning. Definitely going to stay with The Healthy Man shakes, they are awesome.”

Scott Noonan says “I’ve been using another shake brand for a while now so when the Mrs told me she signed me up to taste The Healthy Man I was happy to give it a go.”

“Today I received my product and tried it immediately. To say I am pleasantly surprised is an understatement. It tastes creamy and smooth, and just like having a chocolate milkshake for lunch. It’s not heavy in my gut and leaves me feeling satisfied. I can happily say I have been converted to The Healthy Man and definitely cannot wait to get into the rest of the tub.”

Dave Press says, “My partner introduced me to The Healthy Man and I agreed to give it a shot,  I’m pretty pleased with how full I feel after drinking it and how easy it is to make.”

“It also tastes great, I have been recommending it to my mates, it’s that good!” 

About The Healthy Man

The Healthy Man Meal Replacement is the perfect start for men to boost their weight loss and improve overall health and vitality. What’s more, it tastes amazing and blokes love it! We know from extensive research that men want a meal replacement that’s going to reduce belly fat (get rid of the beer belly!) improve gut health and increase their stamina and muscle strength.

Our amazing team of nutritionists have come up with a formula for The Healthy Man Meal Replacement that ticks all those boxes!

A complete meal

This is a delicious and complete Meal Replacement in chocolate flavour (just add milk for a shake and go, or extra fruits and veggies to have as a smoothie) that is low calorie and will help with weight loss. Not only that, it is jammed with vitamins and minerals and superfoods that will improve strength, vitality and boost energy. With all the added nutrients it can even help keep grey hair at bay!

Full of Protein

The Healthy Man Meal Replacement will fill up the hungriest of men! It has a whopping 24.2 grams of high-quality whey protein which means that it will keep men fuller for longer. It’s perfect for busy men on the go!

Hear what Nutritionist Mark Surdut says about The Healthy Man Meal Replacement

“Nutritionally this is a great product. Well-balanced, unlike so many diet shakes, this meal replacement drink is nutritionally solid – it’s not radical, it’s not extreme in its mix of macros, it’s BALANCED – it has some carbs, naturally derived from wholesome dairy milk (NO sugar added, NOT in ANY funny form). It has good levels of filling protein and I like that it has a mix of both whey protein and soy protein. Soy protein is a high biological value (ie. high quality) rapidly-digested protein, with potential roles in reducing the risk of heart disease.”

Grab a tub of The Healthy Man Meal Replacement here.

“How much protein? A made-up shake has the protein load of 3.5 hard-boiled eggs! It has a broad spectrum of micros (vitamins, minerals, trace elements), so it’s really complete and in good doses of them too. The “sugar” listed in the nutritional panel is naturally occurring cow’s milk carbohydrate, not sucrose or glucose or fructose. It has enough fibre to match 3.5 cups of raw broccoli or 2.5 cups of raw green beans. Then it has another veggie added inside too, tomato, which has a beneficial antioxidant called ‘lycopene’ and may protect blokes against prostate cancer and heart disease.

For a real kickstart to weight loss and to your workday and a boost to your nutrition too, the author suggests blending 2 heaped scoops (40g) of The Healthy Man, 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk and ½ cup of your favourite super-veggies such as celery and cucumber. Your mates won’t recognise you! 

 Get your tub of Healthy Man Meal Replacement here!

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