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The 12 Days of Christmas Healthy Hacks!

As we head into the 12 days of Christmas we often think that it’s the perfect excuse to let all the hard work on our health we’ve done over the year go and just enjoy. This is true, but there are some small acts you can do that will keep you in the mindset so that you can start back on track in the new year.

Check out these simple hacks to keep the momentum going.

12 days of christmas
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12 Days of Christmas Health Hacks

Day 1: Get Moving

This doesn’t mean doing a full HIIT workout or starting a new weight training regime, it’s just about making sure you move your body. Go for a walk, stretch out your muscles, go for a swim or surf! The benefit of Australia’s summer Christmas is that it’s not too cold to get your body moving outdoors, it may be too hot for some things but who doesn’t love to hit the beach during the 12 days of Christmas.

Day 2: Drink More Water

Hot weather plus celebration drinks equal an often dehydrated body! Make sure you don’t skimp on the water during the 12 days of Christmas and beyond because water is your best tool for keeping yourself healthy.

How much water should you drink? And tips to help you drink more!

Day 3: Phone a Friend

Yes, you’ll likely be seeing a lot of your family, friends and others at Christmas parties but if you’re not feeling it you may need to speak to that one friend you know always perks you up. You know the one who is always able to give you back the motivation for getting things done no matter what.

Day 4: Enjoy the Fresh Air with Deep Breaths

12 days of christmas
Photo by Kelvin Valerio from Pexels

Doing some deep breathing exercises is much like meditation, well it actually is meditation, which means it offers mental, physical and emotional benefits. Getting outside and taking in some deep mindful breaths of fresh air will definitely increase all of these benefits.

Day 5: Review a Bucket List You May Have Forgotten About

Do you have an old bucket list or list of resolutions sitting in a drawer somewhere that you haven’t looked at for years? Pull it out and have a look. You don’t need to commit to anything, but it could be helpful to see how you’ve changed as a person and give you inspiration for what you want to achieve in the next 12 months.

Day 6: Write Down 3 Goals

After you’ve reviewed what you’d hoped you had achieved in the past, set some solid goals for the next 12 months. Going into the new year with some preset goals will help you visualise where you’re going and also plan if needed.

Day 7: Remove Something From Your To-Do List

Being the 12 days of Christmas or halfway through it at least, you no doubt have a to-do list longer than Santa’s naughty list. If you aim to just knock one thing off this list you can then move on to the new day with a sense of accomplishment and hopefully keep the momentum going to finish everything you need to.

Day 8: Surround Yourself With Stuff You Love

12 days of christmas
Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels

The best way to lift your spirits if you’re getting overwhelmed by all the craziness that comes with the 12 days of Christmas is to surround yourself with things you love. Turn up the music you love, hang out with your bestie or furry friend, watch your all-time favourite movie or pick up your favourite book.

Day 9: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is the bodies way of refreshing, kind of like when you put your phone on to charge…you need to charge your body. Making sure you get a good night’s sleep will mean you can face anything the 12 days of Christmas throws your way.

Day 10: Introduce One Simple New Daily Habit

Starting a new daily habit will help you keep the momentum going into the new year which will help build momentum when you’re wanting to make other changes in your life. Whether it be setting your alarm five minutes earlier, going to bed 10 minutes earlier, doing a 30-minute walk each day, keep it simple but achievable.

Day 11: Do Something Different

What a great way to get ready for the big day whilst also looking after your health than by doing something completely different. Try a new workout regime like Yoga, give meditation and mindfulness a try, take a new route on your daily walk, check out a new coffee shop. Whatever it is it will help break up the normalcy of your life.

Day 12: Reward Yourself

What a way to end the 12 days of Christmas than to treat yourself! You don’t need to splash lots of cash or go overboard but make sure to take some time out to do something for yourself that you know you’ll love.

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