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10 EASY hacks for helping you get your 10000 steps in!

Walking 10000 steps a day is considered a benchmark for staying fit and healthy.

It’s an easy target to follow and can also motivate you to ditch the car and get moving, but sometimes it’s not easy to hit that goal every day.

But there are some clever ways to help you get your steps in.

10,000 steps

Why 10000 steps?

In the 1960s in Japan, a researcher called Dr Yoshiro Hatano discovered that to remain at our optimum health we needed to be burning 20% of our calorie intake. Which on average, happened to be 10000 steps.

Now The World Health Organisation recommends that people reach this goal each day to improve their health.

10 of the easiest ways to get your 10000 steps in

1. Take the stairs

Don’t take the lift or escalator, opt for the stairs every time!

2. Walk on the treadmill while you work

A treadmill at your desk or a standing desk can help you stay active and keep you moving.

10000 steps
Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

3. Get a dog

Only if you are a fan of pooches, mind! Walking the dog for just 15 minutes can help you get nearly 1,000 steps in!

4. Walk to work

Depending on how far away your work is, you could easily get in over 1,000 steps by doing this every day.

5. Park further away than you need to

The extra steps of walking to or from your car add up quickly.

6. Take your calls while out for a stroll

Why not take your work calls outside? A 30-minute stroll is worth 1,800 steps!

7. Vacuum the house

Keeping your floors clean can help you rack up around 94 steps per minute – now that will make a serious dent in your daily step goal.

low impact workouts for injuries
Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

8. Use your lunch break for a quick walk

Nearly everyone gets a break around lunchtime to stop and eat. After you’ve eaten, take a quick walk around the block, even 10 minutes will make a difference and get your steps up.

9. Play with your kids

Did you know that a simple game of hide-and-seek can help you get up to 1000 steps alone?!

10. Go for a walk after every meal

Not only will it help you digest your meal but a brisk walk will also help up your daily count.

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