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Best time of day to workout

Do you prefer to go for a run first thing or are you partial to an evening workout session? What really is the BEST time of day to workout? Is there even one?

Scientists have endeavoured to find out…

Best time of day to workout

When is the best time to exercise?

Scientists from Brown Alpert Medical School in the U.S. studied the physical activity of 375 participants as part of a study to determine the best time of day to workout.

Experts found that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a morning jogger or a late-night gym regular. It’s CONSISTENCY that helps you keep the weight off.

If you really want to make the most of what you do, then you should aim to do it at the same time every day.

“Repeatedly exercising in the presence of consistent cues, such as at the same time of day or in the same location, may help to establish cue exercise relationships,” said the study researchers.

“It will also be important to determine whether there is a specific time of day that is more advantageous for individuals who have initial low physical activity levels to develop a physical activity habit.”

However, the best time of day to workout is whenever you can because that’s better than not at all

Another study found that people who exercise in the morning, between 4am and midday, are more successful in their weight loss. This may be because you have more energy first thing.

We at The Healthy Man think the very best time of day to workout is every day, whenever you can. After all, doing something is better than nothing!

We’re all busy and may find it difficult to dedicate an hour at a specific time of day to regular exercise. Instead, we recommend squeezing in blocks of activity whenever possible.

Morning exercise

Best time of day to workout - morning

When considering when is the best time of day to workout think about what time of day you have the most energy and then work around that.

So if you are a morning person, why not get up before the rest of the house or just earlier than you would usually to get ready to go to work so that you can get moving in the morning.

Many people believe that the morning is the best time to workout as you can get it out of the way before the day unfolds with its inevitable interruptions and errands to run.

If you work out first thing, be sure to have a good breakfast afterwards, such as a Healthy Man Meal Replacement shake. By exercising on an empty tummy, you are less likely to feel sluggish and tired halfway through your workout.

After lunch exercise

Best time of day to workout - after lunch

This is a popular time to fit some exercise in and may be the best time of day to workout if you’re looking for an afternoon energy boost. Getting in a workout after lunch will help fight the 2pm sleepiness that can often hit us after a busy day.

Working out at this time will also give you the energy to face the rest of the afternoon, including the crazy witching hour that can strike a household at around 5pm when the kids are home from school and looking to get rid of excess energy before bed.

Evening exercise

Best time of day to workout - evening

If you need to wait until when the kids are asleep and you’re ‘off the clock’ parenting wise then evenings may be the best time of day to workout. This way you can do whatever you can to make evenings your time to shine.

Set up one night per week where you head out to a fitness class while your partner does the bedtime routine, or set up exercise videos on YouTube in the spare room and get your workout in.

Another reason the evening may be the best time of day to workout is that you can use the time to reflect on your day and think about what you need to do tomorrow.

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