Win a $159.99 Celsius 15M Battle Rope & Healthy Man Pack

And the winner is……. IAN STRANGE.  Congratulations Ian!!

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Our Healthy Man Meal replacement is getting 5 star reviews from blokes over Australia and we are STOKED!

And to celebrate we are giving away a 15m Celsius 15M Battle Rope RRP $159.99

Tell us what is your biggest motivator to get healthy in 2021 for the chance to WIN this MEGA Pack worth $300

  • 1 x 15m Celsius 15M Battle Rope
  • 1 x Chocolate Healthy Man Meal Replacement
  • 1 x Vanilla Healthy Man Meal Replacement
  • 1 x Healthy Man Shaker

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And you can read reviews go here.


Competition closes April 9 at midnight and the winner will be announced within 7 days

Warren Magill Weight Loss Results –  7 kgs 

Warren is a 36-year-old dad and mechanic from Newcastle who has seen his scales go from 107kgs down to 100kg in just 4 months. He’s loving how he’s feeling and has seen amazing health changes as a result.

“I see an improvement in energy levels, mood and stamina throughout the day, along with feeling lighter and fitter every day I stay on track”

He’s been using The Healthy Man Meal Replacement in place of a pie purchase for his “smoko” breaks at work

“For me, smoko was often a pie or something full of sugar, which always left me hungry and feeling heavy and low after the sugar rush. Since replacing it with my Healthy Man Meal Replacement, I am no longer hungry afterwards, feel lighter and have plenty of energy to carry me through to lunch and beyond.”

Read more about the journey Warren has been on here.

 Jason Farley Weight Loss – 7 kgs

Jason is a 46-year-old painter who runs his own business so is limited on time when it comes to looking after himself. He has been using The Healthy Man Meal Replacement in and effort to lose some weight and improve his diabetes.

He’s been enjoying The Meal Replacement for breakfast on and off for the last 4 months, and admits that he took a break over Christmas and January…but who doesn’t. His journey has been up and down with his starting weight of 117kg which went up to 120kg but he’s happy to be back down to 116kgs!

“I am loving both the chocolate and vanilla Healthy Man Meal Replacement and usually have them with milk or add a banana for breakfast which I find great for on the go. They are thick, smooth and creamy and not grainy like others can be.

“I am genuinely not as hungry as I used to be and finding I am not eating as much.”

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