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Health. Nutrition. Weight Loss. eBook



Health. Nutrition. Weight Loss. eBook


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Our Healthy Man eBook is an introduction to health, nutrition and weight loss. It covers off all you want to know about how to shift the weight and get healthy. We are dead set on sustainable weight loss so that you can lose the weight, and keep it off, too! Losing weight for life means making small meaningful changes to your diet, exercise regime and lifestyle.

In this guide we give you real reasons why getting fit and healthy is worth it. If you’re having a motivation slump, check these out and you’ll remember why it’s important to keep going. We’ve also covered common nutrition mistakes blokes make and some super-easy food (and drink) swaps that make a big difference. Then there’s a couple of exercises to try plus insights into how often you should be exercising. Finally, there are some delicious recipes that will help you to lose weight while still enjoying your food.

What’s inside the eBook?

  • Why getting fit and healthy is 110% worth it
  • Find out how much weight you could realistically lose in a month
  • x7 recipes that taste great and are pretty good for you too!
  • Common nutrition mistakes blokes make and how to avoid them
  • 5 low-calorie beers
  • Easy food swaps with big results
  • Introducing protein and how it aids muscle growth
  • Not all made is made equal – how to choose your cut
  • The beer gut… and how to get rid of it!
  • 5 simple exercises to banish the beer belly
  • A quick intro to our Healthy Man Meal Replacement


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